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''I'm not going to do any gay scenes, that's for sure'', is a literal quote out of Vaughn's straight little mouth. And technically, he can make that claim after visiting Brendon's studio, but this scene is for gay men only, so you be the final judge. Vaughn is steering a path through life that will eventually find his entire body covered in tattoos and this white 21 year old boy has a good start on that goal. When Brendon asks him if his dick is getting ink, Vaughn says no way! Vaughn strokes a nice, thick cock with a gentle curve to the left. He likes it, the girls like it, and so do we.

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Franko (04/11/24):
I like this guy. Hopefully, he'll come around to letting Brandon or another dude suck his dick.

Ken (04/11/24):
Vaughn was kind of sexy. Would have been better with Brendon working him over. Wish he didn't shave his pubes.

Every so often I get a straight boy like Vaughn who makes it totally clear that he's not into gay sex or doing anything with a guy. When that happens, I spend most of the time probing and prodding the guy until I find out what's really on his mind and just how far I think I can push him - if not in the initial meeting - maybe the second go around. So, I kept asking questions about him doing three ways with another dude and a girl - he said that he's done that multiple times, but with no touching the other guy. I brought up some other scenarios which he said he'd have to think about and I showed him a 'Bride Bait' video where a newlywed couple brings another straight guy into their bed and while the wife fucks the new guy the husband diddles and sucks him. Vaughn said he'd have to think about something like that. So, now I know he's open to it and you can be sure his next visit will get much more interesting. At first I thought he was very vanilla, straight - laced and then his clothes came off and I saw the skull tattoos and he told me he was an exhibitionist and liked to be watched. And, he obviously likes to watch too as he relays a story to me about watching his tattoo artist ink another dude's cock! Anyway, in my mind he's a total hottie. However, I would like to see him with a more scruffy look, definitely needs a makeover, his hair needs to be done correctly and that beard has to be replaced with a 5 o'clock shadow. I'd also like to stuff him into a tight t-shirt and jeans and then I think you'd be looking at one sexy straight boy. You can watch my conversations with him in this weeks video and a second interview done after the shoot which will appear in next weeks 'Outtakes' I hope you guys enjoy Vaughn!

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