Blast Off: Willem, Pierce
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Brendon loves to make social introductions and then stand back and watch what happens. When a very polite young man from the Netherlands meets a construction worker from the central valley they don't exactly tiptoe through the tulips. Pierce was so turned on the first time he entered the studio that he is raring to go when he gets the green light. He may be married and have a kid, but his dick is still single and searching. Willem has a fat uncut dick that stands up to the burly guy's hungry mouth. Watch Willem get his hairy balls licked clean. This scene 'stands' by itself.

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timber (03/06/24):
I'm sorry, but Willem was pathetic and seemed uninterested while Pierce was fucking amazing, not to mention gorgeous! I'd love to see Pierce with someone who could appreciate his amazing skills and awesome good looks and physique!

Me (02/22/24):
Brendon. There isn't anything Pierce wouldn't do for you and there is something this man isn't telling his wife. I would love to see him with you in a bedroom scene where he tops and fucks the shit out of you. He already asked you once on film if he could fuck you. He said, "I want to fuck you." As for Willem? He might as well have been dead.

Angel77 (02/22/24):
The guy with piece is a dud. Get him someone who can please him like he pleases others. He is so cool

cody (02/22/24):
Pierce is the hottest straight man I have seen in years. I would love to suck him off and ram my tongue in and out of his sweet ass. Just to feel him getting pleasured my me would be heaven! Can't wait to see move of him. I have to say that Pierce really learned how to give a good bj.

DVant (02/22/24):
Pierce!!! Even his name is a verb. I want to cum inside this dude so bad. All I can think about is some dirty construction site with this hot nasty freak doubled over with a big burley construction foreman pumping behind him like an old steam engine train. Did Brandon tell Pierce to suck that dick like it's your last meal? I want to do to him all the dirty things that will leave him covered in sweat and cum. I don't know what was wrong with Willem, but I've seen more enthusiam on the face of a death penalty prisoner on the walk to the chair. I've seen pretty boys with tight bodies and nice dicks, his only redeeming quality was that nut shot at the end, and let's be real, Pierce could've made a corpse shoot like that. Please bring Pierce back and pair him with Geo to fuck, then bring him back again and let him get fucked by someone who really enjoys ass -- he deserves it.

I tried my hardest to get Geo to hook up with Pierce and when he saw Pierce's photo he was stoked to do it. However, he's tied up with work and couldn't make the trip. I wanted to make sure I kept as tight a leash as I could on Pierce, so I put him together with straight boy Willem. Willem had just done a solo for me a few weeks earlier. The furthest I got with him at that time was lubing his fat cock. For this video, he agreed to let Pierce suck his dick, but refused to do reciprocate in any way. And, as you'll see, he's none too enthusiastic about having sex with another dude - even just being serviced. I kind of think that makes it hotter. Well, Pierce, hunkier and sexier than hell, is ready to do my bidding. When he strips down, my tongue hangs out. It's hot to watch Pierce suck Willem's cock and then jack him off as he watchs pussy porn. He keeps stroking as Willem cums and the hot spunk drips down over his hand. I'm wondering if I could've had him lick it off...maybe next time. I plan on having this hot, straight married boy back as often as possible. Maye even get his wife to watch off camera. I'm such a perv. For some reason the thought of his wife watching her husband having gay sex just turns me on way too much. Anyway, this video, about a half hour long, doesn't capture all the action. Check next week for the remaining footage and hot conclusion of 'Willem and Pierce' when Pierce Returns.

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