Breeder Fever: Antonio
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YO... this dude is street savvy and Brendon loves his attitude, but when it comes to adult porn, he's virgin territory. You'll dig Antonio's city tan which leaves him lily white in all the covered places. But he's been around the block once or twice cause when Brendon whips out his hard dick, Antonio goes down on it. WHA? That's the shizzle my nizzle. This Latino guy has a big joint that keeps Brendon's motor running, so watch him blast his load and say thank you.

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TomTop (05/11/23):
Wow! That was unexpected! Great job! Brendon is my hero! I'd love to such even half as much cock as he has!!!

Antonio is one slutty fucker. I met him on the street while he was handing out flyers for a titty bar. I started talking to him and asked why he took such a shitty job. He told me he just got to the west coast from the Bronx, I could've pretty much guessed that just by his voice. Best of all he said "anything for a buck" when it comes to a job. I sprung a boner just from his attitude and I knew I had to get his clothes off and suck his dick. And that I did. So, he's all horned up and you'll see me passing by him in the video with my jeans unzipped and he's looking at me like 'what's up with this?'. I stop the action for a minute and said to him 'anything for a buck, right?' and he shook his head. Next think you know he's got my cock in his mouth. I loved looking down at that slender, sinewy body as he sucked me. I've since brought him back and put him with Geo in a new video :-). Take a look at the trailer where Antonio talks about wet pussy and such.

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