Breeder Fever: Antonio & Geo
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Sometimes the chemistry is so right and the pieces just fall into place. Brendon knew something special would happen if he introduced Antonio, the sexy, street-smart Latino, to Geo, the All American bubble butt. And, just in time for the 4th of July, the fireworks shot off. By the time you see this, the country will have celebrated 236 years of independence, but Geo and Antonio may still be going at it. Some holidays are just better!

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mr.sir (06/01/23):
i'd cum right after another if i was bionic!

malnauburn (06/01/23):
liking Antonio a lot!

mike (06/01/23):
im in love with geo

Tex-boy (06/01/23):
Wow - this is one HOT scene! Geo just gets sexier and sexier every time we see him! Love the new haircut and tan. He's one smokin' stud! Loved the chemistry between them, and loved watching real man-sex! I hope we see more of Antonio and Geo in the future....super hot stuff!!!

I told you guys a few weeks ago that I had my straight Bronx thug pussyhound paired up with my nasty boy, Geo. When I asked Antonio if he wanted to do an all out sex video with another dude, he said basically that he loves sex and if they money is good enough he doesn't care who he fucks! And I knew exactly how Geo would respond when he saw Antonio strip down to reveal that huge cock of his...'how fast can I get that up my butt'. Neither guy let me down and before you know it Geo was shouting "fuck the cum out of me", which Antonio did before pulling and shooting a load over Geo's balls and butthole. This is one hot barebacking video.

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