Breeder Fever: Baxter
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With the Olympics in the rear-view mirror, all we have left of the male athletes are our memories of their stunning bodies. And in some cases (the divers) their bulging speedos. Baxter steps on to the podium to vie for a medal in all-around hunkiness and Brendon is a very generous judge. 10 points for sexiness, 10 points for mouth watering dick and 9.5 for willingness. He doesn't let Brendon snack on his 'bangers and mash' but he does let the older guy give him a hand. Hip, hip hooray and let's have a re-match.

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drew (07/06/23):
Please bring Baxter back, and eat that fat ass!!! and show those pretty feet.

Bill (07/06/23):
I agree with everyone else! Baxter is soooooo HOT!!! I want to see more of him.

Ken (07/06/23):
Baxter is very hot. Would like to see him again with Brendon giving him the business.

rei (07/06/23):
more baxter....more baxter.....more baxter

I've been making these straight guy videos for a long time. I used to make them just for my own enjoyment. I made them in my office at work, in my apartment when my roommate was out, in hotel rooms - anywhere and everywhere. I decided to start selling them in 1990 in the pink pages of the 'Advocate'...for those of you who remember. Then I started as an on line video store in 1996 and by the end of that year it became one of the first gay streaming video sites in any category. Now more than twenty years and 500 videos later (actually there were 750 - more about that in another newsletter), I'm still doing it and it's as exciting for as ever. Just take a look at this weeks video with hot stud Baxter. As straight as can be, he was here for a screen test and nothing more. There was no discussion before hand of me touching him, etc. Watch me give you guys a nervous grin right before I reach my hand out and grab his cock to 'lube it up'. He freezes up a little, but watch how he keeps his eyes on that pussy porn video. You can almost feel his urge to flee, but he forces himself to sit there and just gives in. His cock was as hard as steel - well at least until I started stroking it for a while. He couldn't keep it up with man masturbating him. So, I give him a break and then I return to fondle his balls as he stroked that big hard cock. Notice as he gets closer to cumming, I start playing with his balls then fondling his nipple and finally I slip my finger to his asshole and stroke it lightly (I had the camera set a bit high, but if you look closely you'll see it clearly). This always sets them off and he was no different. He was exhausted after shooting his load and wanted to call into work and take the day off and sleep. What he'll never know was that this was exciting for me that after he left, I jacked off and took a two hour nap in the studio - LOL. So, I may be getting older, but playing around with straight guys never does!

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