Breeder Fever: Geo & Spark
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There's a definite Spark in the room when Brendon brings Geo to the studio on a fine summer day. Geo has filled out, gotten tan and dedicated his young years to the noble task of getting the shit fucked out of him...... numerous times. He's Brendon's go-to guy for bending the 'straight' and narrow. Spark looks positively virginal. And when it comes to man on man, he is! His boyish physique and dark bushy pubes are porn candy and when Brendon gives the signal, Geo goes into action. First he sucks on Spark's plug, then he sits on it. Before this scene is over Spark has earned his stripes.

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plasticlover (06/22/23):

Ken (06/22/23):
Geo is hot as usual and helpful making the scene come off. I wish Geo would not shave his pubes anymore and take off his socks ;-)

Geo is back! One of my favorites and from the feedback I see, he seems to be a favorite for lots of you guys. One of the hottest things about Geo is his focus on anal stimulation. You know he is basically straight, he dates girls, but he loves to have his butt penetrated more than anything else. His girlfriend uses toys on him, even when he solos he uses a vibrating toy. Blowing dudes isn't really his thing, but he knows it's part of the deal and doesn't mind it. But, whenever I call and tell him I have a man that wants to bang him - he's at my service. If you're a fan you've even seen ME use that hot perky bottom of his. I think my very favorite thing with Geo is getting him off at the end. He just loves when I stick one, two, three and even better yet four or five fingers in his hot straight boy hole and drive him crazy with dirty talk - that dude loves dirty talk and as you can tell, I love providing it. So, this scene is no different. As soon as Spark is done with him, I move in, lube up my hand and get Geo going with some penetrating dirty talk until he blows. I'll never get tired of it and like what I said before, I don't think many of you will either.

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