Breeder Fever: Guthrie
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This mellow monster was minding his own business fixing bikes when Brendon noticed that the wrench he was using to tighten the nuts was smaller than the wrench in his pants. With nothing to lose, Brendon offered Guthrie a 'side job' that promised benefits. Guthrie was curious enough to show up and you'll want to clean your screen for this one, cause the quiet giant pulls out a shockingly fat cock that tests Brendon's talents like they haven't been tested in a while. And the sexiest thing is that Guthrie just enjoys the hell out of it. You will too.

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alos (05/03/24):
guthrie is sooooooooooo hot on cam!! do another, hes so into it!!mmmmmm

Brad22 (04/27/23):
Not usually my type but I can't resist his cock! It's beautiful!

JamesH (04/20/23):
OooohhSHIT Guthrie..Your The Man Of My Dreams!! FUCK ME..DAMN SEXY BEAST!!

yummy (04/20/23):
thats a nice white dick.

VinMax (04/20/23):
What I would give to lick his ass and play with those nutts!

jeff paul (04/20/23):
This has to be the best..Guthrie enjoys everything you do to him. He comes across as a truly sincere guy. Have him back and worship those nuts and ass.

SimplyMitch (04/20/23):
I just happen to be a "balls" afficionado of sorts and this guys balls are spectacular. I could make a home just playing with and fondling those babies!

hngscorpionbtm (04/20/23):
wow.. what a stud.. really gets into his cock being sucked

You probably already realize that Guthrie isn't going to be winning a hunk of the month contest any time soon. And, if you've been a fan of my videos anytime over the last 17 years, you already know that the standard fare of gym dwelling, muscle pumping, pretty boys is not my 'thing' - there's plenty of that on just about every other gay site out there. No, my attraction is to the regular guy or should I say the regular straight guy. Now, I'm not saying I'd throw an Adonis out of bed, but that's not really what pushes my buttons. I like to have sex with the straight guys who I run into every day - the clerk at the supermarket, the guy loading my car at the home improvement store...or like Guthrie, the nice, slightly strange dude who was fixing my bike. As he crouched down I saw what I craved bulging in his shorts. I knew this guy was hung, a little out there, and I was sure he'd check out the 'job' I offered him back at the studio. He did and it turned into a very sexually exciting scene for me sucking off his big fat cock and seeing his reaction to his first experience with another man. Watch as I trigger his cum when I use a spit lubed finger to put just a little pressure on his virgin hole. Check it out, I think you'll like it.

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