Breeder Fever: Jonas
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When Jonas tells Brendon that his girlfriend thinks his cock is phat, Brendon's ears 'prick' up. Jonas admits he's made numerous home made porno films with his girl, but today is a first, cause he's gonna share his gifts with the world. And his gift is big! He strokes his gorgeous python of a dick to it's full size and Brendon is impressed. This guy is too new and too straight to make moves on, so Brendon just watches Jonas jack off, but it's so hot that we thought you might like to see it too. Once Brendon gets the hook in, he usually reels em in, so we'll hope for a re-match with Jonas in the near future.

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SlimJim (04/27/23):
Damn!! This straight STUD is so fucking HOT!! I would sniff, lick, and suck everything on him!! :)

miopepe (04/27/23):
This guy, just like many of your latest hunks is super hot and it's a joy to watch him play with that magnificent tool. It is, however,very painful to know they're barefoot and not even have a peek at their feet. I guess your not into feet Brendon but a lot of us out here are! Be generous and share all that YOU can see!

Mike (04/27/23):
FEET..please always show their bare feet...thanks!

Ken (04/27/23):
This guy is super hot with a muscular build. He is very masculine and has a fantastic cock. Hope we see a lot more of him with Brendon giving him a workout. He certainly would be a "5" if Brendon was able to pull some of his tricks.

Jonas is very hot, but doesn't realize it. And he exudes sexuality - you just want to fuck around with him - at least I know I do. He has that naturally muscled body, not an inch of fat and, oh what a big, beautiful cock - even though he thinks it's ''just like everyone else's''. Jonas is a porn virgin, except for about 20 homemade videos he did with his ex-girlfriend, and up till now he is the only one who has seen them - and jacked off to them. He tells me during this filming that one of those videos catches him leaning over to set his alarm clock as his girlfriend sneaks in with her tongue for his first rimming. When this video begins, he seems very nervous and keeps checking me out to see what I'm doing. When he finally relaxes he jacks off and shoots a big load like no one else was in the room watching. By now we have an intimate bond and he agrees to bring the homemade videos of him and his girl back for me to see - I almost blew a load in my pants when he said that. I'm counting the days to his return and this time I'm going to get that cock and butthole in my mouth!

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