Breeder Fever: Jonas Returns
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As predicted, Jonas has come sniffing around the studio again to see what kind of mischief he can get into. After his initial nerves wore off from the jack-off session of a few weeks ago, Jonas is ready to take another dip in the pool. Before this scene is done, Jonas has had his cherry ass rimmed all the way to China. Damn, that tastes good! Brendon works this guy over like a used car, giving him a front end alignment that's good for another 5000 miles.

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killart007 (05/25/23):
One of the hottest scenes I've seen on this site. Hollywood face, beautiful lean physique, delicious cock, fantastic ass, and adorable personality. Jonas is just perfect. These two have terrific sexual chemistry.

Abe (05/25/23):
Jonas... Get a hard on just looking at you. Wow love your beautiful dick.

Greg (05/25/23):
Love those socks with his thick legs in the air! You did a great job on that thick cock and ass!!!!!

Ken (05/25/23):
Jonas is totally hot. He has a great body and masculine persona. WOW what a beautiful cock.

mike (05/25/23):
love how his balls disappear after your tongue up his hole !!! grr

Steve (05/25/23):
Finally a foot shot for the outtakes...remember always feet ..please...feet

I couldn't wait to get Jonas back in the hot seat. And for what it cost me to get him there after his first very nervous jack off performance, he was going to let me do what I wanted. I'm really into this guy. He's super straight, never did anything with a guy and has a hot body and a huge, thick cock that I wanted to suck...and I wanted a taste of his straight boy cum. His hot little bubble butt was also on my list. I was wondering how he would take to having it played with. You'll see me testing the waters a bit first with a little finger massage. You can always tell if they're liking it, because they'll always re-adjust themselves, ever so cautiously, to get a little more contact - and that he did. So, I went for it and if not for the fact that I didn't want to bore you guys to death, I would've eaten that ass for days. What really got me off was that even if you can't tell, he encouraged me to go deeper with my tongue by shifting his butt around and moving his legs. The icing on the cake was his cum, it was actually sweet. I wish he would've gone for another round. There's something about this hot straight boy that makes me weak in the knees. I hope you like Jonas as much as I do.

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