Breeder Fever: Parker
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When you're matinee idol handsome, like Parker, the world is at your feet.... or at least on their knees. Which is exactly where Brendon lands when this horny frat boy sits back and feeds his rock hard cock to a grateful older guy. In an earlier session, Parker didn't allow Brendon to touch him. Today things are different. Parker's nuts are aching to release, Brendon's charms are on full display and this time magic happens. This stud cums like a volcano, spewing seed everywhere. If the Mayan calendar is right, and the world ends this December, Parker could re-populate the planet single handedly. Well, he might need Brendon to help out.

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Tommy2 (05/04/23):
Love Parker's hairy chest. What a cute guy.

Ken (05/04/23):
Hot man. I can't get over how hard he was throughout.

Nam1 (05/04/23):
This guy is simply amazing...*speechless* What a gorgeous face and cumshot:)

Parker is back! He's the straight college student I found through an ad posted at a university. Originally, he though he was coming in for 'study' of sorts about sexuality, his JO habits and such. I found out that he likes porn and likes to bang all sorts of pussy. He told me stories about some of his sexual experiences on that first visit, but he had no idea he would receive his first hand job from a dude - me. He had also let me slide a finger into his hole which triggered his load - but he wouldn't let me blow him. Well, he's had trouble getting work this summer, so he's come back for more. And, having the upper hand this time,I do get my mouth on his hot tool and my tongue up his hole this time.

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