Breeder Fever: Petey
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This session could be a Brat Pack screen test, so cute and cunning is the young Petey. With auburn hair on his head and surrounding his fat cock, Petey keeps a wary eye on Brendon. He answered a call for straight models, but the studio has a distinct absence of women. He agrees to a screen test and pulls out a gorgeous thick dick that he allows Brendon to stroke. While Petey watches chicks get fucked on video, Brendon watches Petey's beautiful cock go all the way.

Comments: 2

Ken (06/29/23):
Petey is really cute and boyish but has a nice masculine vibe. Would like to see him again with more action with Brendon.

Michael (06/29/23):
This guy is cute!

Petey's in my hand. But, I think what gets me off most is watching and knowing the pleasure I'm giving to the dude - even though he would prefer a girl to be jacking him. I guess it's also a bit of a power trip for me, especially once they're in 'the zone' and they don't give a hoot whose hand is on their control stick as long as you get them off. If you've watched enough of my videos you know I love getting a finger or two or three or four in a straight guy's butthole or even better - my tongue. Wasn't it hot when I asked Petey to put his foot up and spread his legs so we could all get a look at it? Boy, I would've loved to get my tongue into that hairy virgin hole. You'll notice as I'm finishing Petey off I do press right against his hole with a couple of fingers which put him right over the top. Next time I expect to get my mouth not only on that hot hole, but also around his fat tool and slurp down some prime straight boy spooge.

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