Breeder Fever: Rumor
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Rumor has it............ and in this case, it's true! This cutie is sporting a big fish in his briefs, and Brendon intends to do a little 'casting'. Once he takes the bait, Rumor is caught hook, line, and sinker. Enjoy the view as Brendon takes every inch of this young thing's innocence. Luckily Rumor is not the one that got away.

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cockocrisp (05/23/23):
omg. so hot. must have him back

Greg (05/18/23):
MMMM What a sweet, thick cock and ass! You really cought great shots with that pre-cum oozing! Keep it up!

David (05/18/23):
So fucking awesome! The way he kept smiling at the camera and his personality and that cock and those eyes and everything about him was just amazing.

F (05/18/23):

ken (05/18/23):
Rumor is really cute with a hot body and beautiful cock.

Nam1 (05/18/23):
That's one fine-looking nerd!

Some of you guys have written and asked why I don't swallow the loads from these hot straight boys. Well, that's not really the entire story. Sometimes I swallow and sometimes... See, I'm pretty much a cum junkie. I love swallowing it, I love fucking in it. I love watching straight dudes fuck pussy that has been loaded with another dude's cum. I like watching straight movies like "Cum in my mouth and I'll spit it your mouth", or 500 Guy Cream Pie, where after each guy drops a load in her pussy, the next guy fucks into the other guy's loads, etc. I love cum especially when I'm turned on by a dude. And as you might imagine, if I'm willing to film someone then I'm pretty turned on by him. Like Rumor, with his hot body, strawberry blond hair and big, thick perfect cock. He shot a mouthful of sperm - literally - I couldn't hold much more. I even licked up what I missed from his belly and chest. You see me walk off camera, and when I do I'm spitting it into a cup. And that's not because I don't want to swallow, it's because I like sharing it with my boyfriend sometimes - well he insists on it. We both love a good load of spooge. He's waiting in another room and as soon as Rumor leaves, we get into our own fun and use Rumor's load for lube and...well you can figure the rest out. Yes, we're raunchy and nasty and love every fucking minute of it and have for over twenty years. Cheers!

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