Breeder Fever: Sawyer
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Self discovery can be awe inspiring, a little scary and damn sexy. Watch Brendon lead this young stud through a studio session that results in Sawyer inserting a large dildo into his virgin ass. The look on his face tells you he is mesmerized, turned-on and surprised by his discovery of one of the male bodies' most erogenous zones, the hungry ass. Heretofore undiscovered, Sawyer will likely be mining that cave many times in the months to come. Score another coup for Brendon , the Jane Goodall of porn anthropology.

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Harvey (06/15/23):
I wish he'd let you suck him! I always enjoy seeing you get it on with the guys. The ones where you kiss them push me over the edge everytime!

Ben (06/08/23):
Put Sawyer and Krup together! Dildo action double, cum eating cumming on own face! So hot!,

John (06/08/23):
Would love to see Sawyer return and get fucked by a REAL cock. :-)

I've already given you one secret for finding willing straight guys, the bowling alley bar, and here's another of my secrets. I found Sawyer by trolling on line straight swingers classifieds. I look specifically for 'men looking for couples'. After making contact, I sent him the Bride Bait video with Tariq and that got his attention real fast. I talked him into visiting me at my studio to see if we could set something up. We talked about doing a Bride Bait video in the future and he asked me if he could get rimmed or his butthole played with because he really liked when chicks do it. I said sure and as long as you're here, why not make your debut in a solo. Once I realized he liked to take commands, I went all the way with a big black dildo in his virgin hole. Can the real thing be far behind!

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