Breeder Fever: Wyatt
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It's all been said before about this starkly handsome, winningly shy sexual veteran from the Navy, but this scene is bittersweet. Wyatt has decided to 're-up'. He misses the adventure, the challenges and the rewards of serving his country. And since he met Brendon, a light bulb has gone off over his head that below decks can be as exciting as being on duty. No doubt he will unsheathe his mighty sword to allow fellow sailors to pleasure him. And in his going away party scene, you'll see him give his favorite instructor a much deserved hand job. Basic training has never been so much FUN!

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Ken (06/15/23):
I am a big fan of Wyatt. He has such a cute way about him. He is super handsome, super masculine, and has a sexy body. Would love to see him in his Navy uniform.

brandon (06/15/23):
seriously wyatt is my favorite guy on here!!! i would love to suck a load out of his cock anytime!!!

Nam1 (06/15/23):
Did Wyatt even get hotter? Is it possible? Sure going to miss him cause he's a real stud.

I wasn't sure if I was happy or sad after I shot my last scene with Wyatt. Maybe a little bit of both. Wyatt is re-upping or re-enlisting in the U.S. Navy and won't be back any time soon or maybe ever. He's one of the nicest and hunkiest straight dudes I've ever had the pleasure to suck off. And today he gave me one of the nicest going away presents I've ever received - and he was the one going away. This super straight, super hung, tall, handsome, masculine sailor jacked me off with his big manly hand until I came on his body. I thought my knees were going to buckle I was so turned on. The icing on the cake was sucking that huge cock and lapping up his ever so delicious cum. Good bye, good luck and smooth sailing bud...and thanks for your service!

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