Brendon Does Budapest: Thomas
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If you like the George Clooney type, Thomas is your man. Masculine, hairy, unbelievable abs and equipment that'll make you mouth water. He gives it up to the "suckmeister" and even places his hand on Brendon's back in a sweet bonding gesture.

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Peclover (10/13/20):
Omg he’s so sexy! I love his hairy muscles. Damn now I want to suck a fit hairy man 🥵🙈 Where can I find guys like this in LA?

retbrz (10/09/18):
What a beautiful, sexy, and friendly guy! Loved it!!! I wish there were more videos with Thomas. Thank you both :)

Cock69 (09/16/16):
Beautiful in every way!! Yumm

ND (12/05/15):
What a beautiful man!!

horndog (01/05/14):
Thomas is a beautiful piece of man-flesh from head to toe.

hungrycockman (10/01/11):
Fuck Thomas is HOT, and what a cock. Of course Brendon is always HOT, man I'd suck him off anytime. Man those Budapest men are so hung. Man had a huge boner watching all of them. Would have loved to help out Brendon on these hotties.

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