Brothers part 1: Jerry, Kirk
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Both of these hot young step brothers are completely naked on the same bed. This is awesome footage of 2 straight brothers having it off together. Watch as Kirk, the most muscular of the 2 brothers leans back on the bed to massage his fat cock. Jerry's cock is already straight up and ready to shoot looking at pussy porn. You'll be amazed at what fat cocks both of these guys have.

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Bryant wants to be liked and believe me, you'll like him. Massive arms belie his sensitive side and before he's done jacking off, Brendon has him finger fucking himself. Beautiful!
Release Date: 02/03/06 Plugged: Bryant Featuring: Brendon Marley, Bryant
<p>Even after seducing straight guys for many years, there are some that are just a bit dangerous, rough around the edges who even I can't break. There's also the nice, 'boy next door' types who signal with their eyes and body language "DON'T EVEN TRY!"&nbsp; But, I found a way to lure even these types by creating a non-threatening, therapeutic atmosphere like at a "sports rehab" or "physical exam". I set up the an adult sex toy testing clinic - welcome to Straight Cock Lab!</p>
<p><strong>Name: Lee</strong><br /><strong>Location: California</strong><br /><strong>Status: Bi/Single</strong><br /><strong>Age: 27&nbsp; Height:&nbsp; Weight:</strong><br /><strong>Build: Thin&nbsp; Health: Good</strong><br /><strong>Occupation: Doorman at Swinger's Club</strong><br /><strong>Interests: Like's threesomes, foursomes, etc. Where he works that's not to hard to come by. It's odd that he gives himself a 4 in both sex and body comfort level.</strong><br /><strong>Maturbation:</strong><br /><strong>Intercourse: 6 or more x week</strong><br /><strong>Sexual Comfort Level (High 10 to Low 1): 4</strong><br /><strong>Body Image Satisfaction (High 10 to Low 1): 4</strong><br /><strong>Sex Toy Experience: 2-4x week</strong></p>
Release Date: 04/13/11 Straight Cock Lab: Lee
Scout is a natural in front of the camera and Brendon ‘naturally’ wants to swallow his 19 year old cock. Some guys are comfortable in any situation and Scout is that guy.
Release Date: 01/11/08 Sauna Diaries: Scout Featuring: Brendon Marley, Scout