Cream Dreams: Brad
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At 6 feet two, Brad is a tall drink of water, and with the current drought in California, he is a cool sip of perfect. His green eyes shimmer under the studio lights as they follow Brendon around the room. He's suspicious, and when Brendon moves in with a handful of lube, even a 22 year old can figure out what's what. Brendon strokes Brad's shaft, trying to distract him with the pussy porn on video, but in a sign of the times, Brad watches a scene on his cell that gets him to bust a nut. Without much warning, Brad shoots his cannon, getting the sweet sticky on his tummy. Brendon tries to lick it up, but Brad waves him off. Thanks, not this time.

Brad is an adorable 22 year old boy I met at night school. Yeah, I take a course in photography, and met him during a short break. He was taking some kind of programming course and I was drawn to him like a moth to fire. I had to push myself through a throng of shy girls trying to make conversation with this hot. I just basically gave them the fuck off, he's mine look. Anyway, my age helps in cases like this - there's still a hint of respect left for their elders and the girls just stood there as I nudged him away from their mindless flirting. At 6'2'', wearing tight fitting jeans and t-shirt, his straight boy, jock look was like a magnet for me and I wasn't leaving without getting him into a conversation about my photography and porn. The porn and money always gets these horny, young straight boys interested, and in the end he wasn't able to resist my offer for him to come in for a screen test. When he arrived at my place he was pretty nervous, it was his first time doing anything like this. He told me that he's fucked plenty of pussy, does anal, double penetration and even fucked a girl in the Safeway bathroom and in a movie theater, to name just a couple of places. And, he says he's cum as many as six times in a day. I was itching to get his clothes off, but didn't want to look too desperate. And when I finally did I wasn't one bit disappointed. He has a beautiful athletic body, great ass, nice legs and a thick cock - although he tells me he'd like it to be a little longer - as would most of us boys. He's got man sized balls and says sometimes they get in the way when he sits down - he sits on those big fuckers LOL. We talk a bit and I put on some real nasty pussy porn for him where there's lots of cum and lots of dudes fucking the girl's ass and pussy and fucking in each others loads - you get the idea. He's diggin' on it, by now he's over the shock of me touching him and I'm stroking his fat cock and talking dirty to him and out of nowhere he starts humping my hand like crazy. So, I keep jacking him and he says he's close, he spreads his legs, so I take it as an invitation and start stroking the outside of his hole and he seems OK with it. Then I stick the tip of my finger in his hole and he smacks my hand away - how dare he!!!! LOL. He's so fucking hot, I just couldn't help myself. I kept sliding my finger back there, but it was a no go. He wouldn't let me suck his cock either, said he had a fear of least he tried to convince me of that by saying he never barebacked or came inside a girl's pussy - but that was bullshit as I found out - and I'll let you know how in a few moments. Anyway, I'm jacking him off, talking dirty to him and telling him to shoot his load, but he can't. So, finally he asks if he can watch porn on his phone and when he's ready to cum he'll let me finish him off. That's what we did, but his orgasm came up on him so fast he tried to hold back for me to get to him, you see him squeezing his big cock to try and hold it in, but he couldn't. He was so adorable, he kept apologizing as he was cumming because he couldn't hold back. So, now he has a huge load of cum on his young, firm belly and as I bend down to lick it off he pushes me away. He's not letting my mouth anywhere near him. In the end, things settle down and he recovers from this very new experience and he can't seem to wait to show me what he was watching on his phone. Still naked with a chubbed cock he stands there showing me a home video of him fucking some random slut, and all the while I'm watching, I'm playing with his cock and he doesn't move or pull away. He then admits he really does cum in the girl's pussy bareback, and it was super hot to watch. And then he shows me him doing anal. He said he always wanted to first cum in a girl's butthole and then fuck her pussy. I'm all ears as I keep playing with his big, straight boy dick. Don't you wish you could too? Anyway, see this and more in Brad's first time video and in the Outtakes. Enjoy!!!!

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