Cream Dreams: Brad Returns
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Brad is back and Brendon's got him. Or does he? This fish is hard to catch, constantly tugging at the line, and Brendon is desperate to reel him in. In their first encounter Brad was cagey and evasive, letting Brendon touch his cock but nothing else. New ground rules have been set and the big, strapping stud has negotiated on his own terms. Brendon can beg for it all he wants but as you'll see, Brad is not afraid of the director and the interaction gets pretty tense. But there is a reward. Brad's tasty load ends up in Brendon's hungry mouth. Stay tuned; this young hunk will be back!

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Str8Lvr (09/20/18):
Love his attitude. Brendon breaking in another str8 hunk! LOL!

Brad is back! I wasn't too sure that a germaphobic like him would return, but he really likes the easy money. I ask this hot straight hunk why he's back. He says "going to make money". How are you going to do that I ask, "shoot a load in your mouth" he says. Then we go on and talk about how much he drips when he's horny. He says "you want me to drip it in your mouth", yeah, of course I do. Well, it doesn't always go that easy with these straight guys as I've told you before and in the beginning of the filming this started to look like one of my videos that sometimes never gets published. Right from the start, this cock stud wanted to control me, he didn't want my tongue on his balls and definitely not on his "gooch". He examined my lips and said there were bumps on them. It went on and on with germ craziness . Finally, he threatens to hit he if my tongue touches him in the wrong place again. I tell him he's the one who was watching the porn and pushing his asshole right into my face (and when a straight boy presents his hot hole, I'm going to get a taste). He apologizes and says he's sorry. Anyway, it all turns out really hot - and this guy is sizzling. He told me he fucked a bitch the night before and jacked off in the morning and yet he shoots a HUGE load of the most delicious spooge right down my throat. I didn't have much of a chance to taste it all it shot out so hard and went so far down. By the end, he was mostly settled down and I made him tell him what he'd do for money on camera. He said he'd fuck a dude (not me, I'm too old) with a condom and cum on the dude's butt. Wait until I show Cary this stud, he'll be knocking down the door to be the one who gets fucked! Anyway, the scene can be a bit off putting at times, but he's just a little high strung. It's nothing I haven't dealt with over the last 20 years - enjoy!

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