Cream Dreams: Burton
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Displaying all the laid back chill of a Southern afternoon, Burton is anxious to please. This 24 year old straight boy has green eyes and dark hair... and a girlfriend at home. But Burton has discovered that his ass is just as pleasurable as his cock, and lately he wants things shoved up there. Brendon is happy to oblige and provides this young hottie with a nice big dildo, which gets put to good use. Louisiana has lost another good ole' boy to the dirty north!

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Cali677 (04/15/21):
Burton is one hot dude. Would not kick him out of bed.

Meet Burton, a young, 24 year old bearded straight southern country dude from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (remember "True Blood" ...LOL). He just recently moved to northern Cali and lives with a long time girlfriend. I met him Burton and his girl at a fetish party. He was in leather, dog collar and all and she had him on a leash. His body looked damn nice, very natural. I started to talk to them, as well as other couples, and of course brought up my site and his ears perked up and hers did too. When I asked her if he could do a video, she just said to take him and do what you want and send him home with some cash. That's just how it goes sometimes. This dude was up for anything. I ask him his fantasy and the first thing that comes to his mind "getting fucked" - totally unexpected. He said he also fantasizes about getting creampied, but never has. I kid about how kinky he is and he tells me 'cause he's from the "Dirty South". In the Outtakes you'll hear him tell me that I was only the second dude he let suck his cock. The first was with his girlfriend and another dude in a threesome and he said it was good, but the guy had too much facial hair and he didn't like feeling that. He let the guy eat his ass too, but the same problem, the rough facial hair. Anyway, Burton is obviously a total sex slut, he lets me suck him, feel him up and even stick a thick dildo in his butt - at least partially until he says it hurts. Of course I slurped up a big load he shot. So, if he comes back, things should get interesting with him. I hope you enjoy the video.

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