Cream Dreams: Cary & Ajay
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Every time Cary comes to the studio, Brendon knows that something sizzling hot is going to happen. Today is no exception. He's invited Ajay, the handsome blonde stud seen recently in Crotch Watch. This meaty, studly straight arrow is shooting with Cupid's bow today and he stands up to feed his rock hard dick to Cary. The head of Ajay's dick is like a battering ram and he has some trouble at first getting it into Cary's tight hole, but once it's in, Cary moans like a believer. The slim and sexy Cary takes it bare back, doggy style. He's definitely living in the moment. This scene scorches!

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BigDave (09/20/18):
I need Ajay's cock in my ass ASAP! Damn that fat mushroom head just drives me crazy!!! So fat and plump!

"A good day to be alive" is what hottie, Cary says after being fucked by straight boy Ajay. With the looks Cary's been blessed with, I think every day is a good day to be alive for him. Cary said he held off cumming for two days when I asked him, but I guarantee you what he really meant is that he got fucked two times for two days. I mean the stories this dude has told me about all the sex he has is mind blowing. I got around pretty good when I was his age, but for Cary, he's getting fucked in the supermarket bathroom, the back row of a movie theater, on amusement park rides. He told me in high school he could get off with a dude between classes and make it to his next class in time. He's entertained in the gym showers, both high school and his neighborhood gym. He's done it in parks, restaurants - you name it. I can confirm, because we've been out to eat together several times and guys constantly hit on him. He's just that cute and sexy in his jeans and t-shirt. Anyway, Cary loves masculine straight guys, he's not too much into pretty boys like himself. So, when I told him to look at Ajay's video on, he just asked me what time he should be there. He loves guys with big masculine forearms and huge thighs who can fuck him like they fuck their girlfriends. And, Ajay fit the bill. Cary isn't always available as he has a job - but when I show him a straight man like Ajay, he makes the time.

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