Cream Dreams: Cary & Brad
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Cary keeps showing up at Brendon's studio like a stray kitty to a bowl of milk. Cute? Hell yeah. His brown eyes and tight little ass work some kind of magic on horny straight guys. But Brad is the green-eyed monster who has been impermeable to Brendon's charms. So today the boss puts a different kind of bait on the hook. Six feet two meets five foot seven. That leaves a 7 inch gap. And that's just about what Brad shoves into Cary's sweet, willing hole. After licking those big nuts as a warm up act, Cary turns tail and offers up that bubble butt. Brad says 'thank you very much, I think I will'. Fuck yeah!

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StevieB (04/22/21):
Brad has come a long way. He went from freaking out to fucking ass! Cary is so lucky. I'd love to feel Brad's cock inside me. Nice and plump!!!

I did it! I got straight boy Brad to come back, even after he threatened to beat me up on camera. I told Cary to check Brad out on and he calls me up and asks how soon could we shoot the video. Brad needed the money, so the next day they were both sitting in front of my camera. You'll notice Brad is much calmer with Cary around - but the same rules apply - no mouth contact with his cock. So, now that's my next goal. Anyway, it turned into quite a fuck scene with Cary moaning as Brad pumps his big, straight boy cock into Cary's hole. I have them end the scene jacking each other off. Brad really appeared interested in jacking another dude off for the first time and he's fascinated with Cary's uncut dick, he says he's never seen one in "real life". Cary, who's so hot from Brad's fucking, cums first stroking his own dick and then watches as I finger Brad's super tight hole while he jacks a huge load right into my mouth. It's all so fucking hot and nasty, you'll love it.

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