Cream Dreams: Colby
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There's been some crazy shit going on in the woodpile, cause Colby is a hot mix of German, Dutch, Mexican and Native American. Yup, it's a mouthful. His skin is beautiful evidence of the Native American and Mexican heritage. His cock is Dutch German all the way! Thick shaft with a fat head, Brendon can't wait to get his hands on it. Colby is leery, but with his usual bravado Brendon dives right in. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, Brendon goes to work on that thick dick, stroking it and coaxing it. Finally Colby has to take matters into his own hands and cranks that thing like he's going to screw it off. You won't believe the thick, pasty jizz that flies outta that gorgeous cock. Or maybe you will!

This week you'll meet a handsome, scruffy, straight dude named Colby, he's 31 years old and says he's a combo of Dutch, Native American and Mexican heritage. He has olive skin and a pretty decent body for someone who says he never goes to the gym. I guess his best attribute is his big, thick cock. It's so fucking thick that you'll see him use two full hands to jack off with! The dude is a total exhibitionist and really into his own body. His wanted me to know that girls think he has a perfect size dick. And, when he goes on his webcam to a group show, he says that the girls always focus on him. He loves to be watched, but he really likes to watch himself - he gets totally hot watching himself jack off or fuck. He hasn't had much experience with dudes, so when I grab his cock, lube it up and start stroking, he swallows hard and looks like he wants to jump out of the chair. Anyway, as I'm jacking him off I'm also rubbing a finger over his hole and he doesn't say anything. Then you'll see me stop for a second and I bend to the side to get some lube on my finger and shove the fingertip in. He starts jacking himself to get off and start pushing my finger further into his hole. Finally, he says 'not working' or something like that, signaling me to get my finger out. Anyway, wait until you see the load he blows, it's like a fucking volcano! I also love the outtakes for this video where after we're done he tells me all the dirty things he likes to do at adult arcades, low end stripper clubs, things that a straight guy goes through and thinks about when he's sitting watching a girl strip, or stuff he watches in a straight video or when a dude walks in the peepshow booth, etc. He used to like to go to "Busty Lady", which is now belly up, and watch the live strippers in the private peep booths. He said guys would come into his booth and want to jack off with him, so he let them. I guess he didn't realize they weren't there to share his dollar bills by watching the girl, but wanted to watch a straight dude jacking while they jacked right next to him. He also said a couple of dudes tried to suck him off, but it just didn't work for him and he went limp. He also tells me that when he was younger a friend tried to suck him off while he was sleeping. Really hot straight guy stuff in this video!

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