Cream Dreams: Geo & Bailey
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Fresh from his home state of Texas, Bailey seems eager to make a good impression. He's 22 years old and sweet natured, and Geo loves the blond hair that falls over his forehead. There's a twinkle in those brown eyes that hint at something a little devious. Bailey unleashes one of the fattest, sweetest cocks that we've seen in a long time and Geo's ass is yearning for it! Watch Bailey bend Geo over and bareback his tight hole until he fucks the cum out of him.

Geo, my straight bottom with a penchant for getting fucked by dildos, strap-ons and big cocks, is back again and now he's complaining that although he asks, his wife won't penetrate his hungry butt hole with her 'perfect size small foot'-LOL. But, he appears to be happy enough to fulfill his sexual needs at my place. Anyway, he tells me that he has started a side business, outside his regular construction gig - he's now a gold miner. He bought all the equipment and now pans for gold. I always wanted to do something like that, sounds like an exciting way to make money - but I know how much hard work and monotony is involved until it will actually bear fruit. Back to the sex - I paired Geo up with a young dude who answered my ad for a 'behind the camera' as well as on-screen assistant. His name is Bailey and he's cute, young and has a really BIG cock. Geo is itching to satisfy his needs and I have Bailey fill them by barebacking Geo's hot butt. First I have Geo suck the dude's cock until it grows rock hard and really, really big. Then Bailey shoves that monster bare cock up Geo's waiting hole and fucks that boy hard until he says to Geo ''your ass is gonna make me cum'' and then pulls out and cums all over his hole and shoves it right back in. Bailey continues to fuck Geo as he jacks his cock trying to blow his own load. Geo's legs are all stretched out, his muscles tensed and his toes curled, but I knew he needed a trigger to make him bust his nut. And, as soon as I start talking dirty to him, he spurts big jets of spooge all over himself. Oh man, that was hot!

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