Cream Dreams: Geo & Max
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Max is 21... enough said! But he happens to be shy, hot, sexy and voracious. He's the whole package, so it's our lucky day that Brendon pairs him with the equally voracious Geo. We go back a ways with Geo, but his laid back vibe is always a winner and he's soon drooling over this smooth, dark skinned, tattooed Latino. Max likes to fuck pussy but today he 'is' the pussy. After sucking each other's cocks, Geo takes the reins and puts the meat to Max. Three positions in and Max is ready to dump. Geo leans in and laps it up like a kitty. That d'leche is d'licious!

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Cumoncock (11/06/18):
More like this plssss 😍

Max is shy cute 21 year old straight guy from Canada trying to get into the straight porn scene. So far it's been a rough road with producers in Los Angeles and he's only done a single bi video. But, for money he's willing to do anything and he says so on camera. He has a full time job, but sees himself doing pussy porn full time. He says he jacks off to lesbian porn and loves Latina pussy. I knew little about Max and had never seen Max naked before. He got my number from a buddy of mine, a porn producer in LA who thought this straight dude would be perfect for me, because he was so willing do anything. So, I figured I'd just shoot this video like any other and see what I was getting as we shot it live. Geo was in town and ready to get fucked, so he came down and met Max with me. When I had the guys strip down, was I surprised, because Max wore a baggy shirt and pants which didn't give any clue to what was underneath, but when he stripped off - his body was gorgeous! And, he's no slouch in the cock department either. I admonish Geo once again about shaving his pubic hair, but he tells me his girlfriend insists on it - she won't blow him or let him fuck her with pubes - so what can I do? Anyway, after the guys blow each other and were worked up, I decide to change the original game plan of having Geo get fucked, and I have Max bend over the back of the chair and tell Geo to fuck him. So, Geo slowly penetrates him as he caresses his broad back. Geo remarks how tight his ass is. Geo fucks him as he moans away. Then Geo does a grab around and starts jacking Max's cock. Check out the big, sexy bubble butt on Max. I'm assumed he was at least part Latino with that body of his. Geo then fucks him as he sits on the couch with his legs spread back. Geo finally pulls his big cock out of Max's asshole, and starts licking the stud's balls as Max jacks his cock. Max starts cumming and Geo bends over to suck up his thick, hot load of spooge. I tell Geo to jack himself off using Max's cum as lube. He does just that, and it's a loud, slick and nasty JO session just as I like, Geo is sliding the straight boy's cum up and down his big cock and rubs out a HUGE load all over his chest and belly. What you don't see is that I take Geo out for dinner, we go back to my place, because he was still horny and needed some ass work before he went back to his girlfriend/fiancee or whatever she is. I used dildos, vibrators and played with some electrostim and finally got him off with a rough, four finger fucking. Like I always say, I LOVE my job!!!

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