Cream Dreams: Rusty
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A little humor lightens the mood and relaxes Rusty as this scene unfolds. This country boy is a vagina specialist with years of experience. He busted his first nut in the shower at 9 years old. Loves tits and he's lookin for some fun here in the big city. With the bill of his cap turned backwards, Rusty pulls out an un-cut dick that begs for attention. Soon enough Brendon has lubed him up and is sliding his hand up and down Rusty's shaft. ''3-2-1'', Rusty counts down to his climax and drenches Brendon's fist with his thick, ropey jizz.

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BigDave (09/20/18):
Love how Brendon just had to get a taste of that sweet hot jizz! I would love to taste it too!!!

Rusty is a 23 year old musician and he's cocky as hell. This redneck boy can't say enough about his looks, his cock and his ability to fuck chicks to the other side of ecstasy. And, once you get a good look at him, you can't help but see that he has a great features, a real nice, natural body, a hot bubble but and a big cock. This country boy isn't the brightest bulb in the box, but he's basically a nice guy, with hot body and a big cock and he's straight - which fits all the necessary parameters for me. As soon as I met him I wanted to get him undressed and my hands all over him. But, my "straight-dar" told me to work into it slowly. I gave the spiel about fucking around with the married couple I do videos with (see Bait Bride) and that I'd have to push him during his screen test to make sure I could work with him. This guy was all about sex. Said he'd been fooling around playing doctor with girls since he was a little kid and first jacked off in the shower when he was 9. I guess there's not much to do when you live in the boondocks of northern Cali. As he grew up, he became a total exhibitionist. He's had sex everywhere in public - movie theaters, hiking trails, parking lots, and loves when other people watch him - strangers or not. He said he loves nothing more than to fuck a girl while his buddy or another couple watches. He said in high school lots of girls would swallow his HUGE loads to "show their love". I would've loved to have known him in high school. I'm sure I could've convinced him to let me suck his cock behind his trailer and I would've taken his load any time. Anyway, I finally get my hand on his dick and he keeps looking at me, but doesn't pull back. So, in the end I just go for it. I'm jacking him and asking if he can cum this way. He says yes..."you're goin' to make me cum", I tell him "yeah" - "OK" he says. So, I jack that boy hard, play just outside his virgin asshole with my fingers and lives up to his word and shoots a huge load. I bend down to lick some cum off the tip of his dick and he says "You got your own kinky side" and I say to him "you noticed" laughing, "it's all good" he says. I can't wait for another shot at this dude for a full service treatment. I know this type, for the money he'll be back and he'll let me do just about anything I want to do.

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