Cream Dreams: Slim
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Maybe it's the baggy orange shorts that make Slim look so... slim, but this guy doesn't have an ounce of body fat. Hell, without the tattoos he'd probably weigh a pound less. He tells Brendon his girlfriend knows he's at the studio today, so his relationship is very open. He claims he can cum up to a dozen times in a day, so let's see the first one. He concentrates on the pussy porn and pops a doozy. That's phat, Slim!

Slim is 27, a scruffy tatted dude with one of those tight, slender, sinewy bodies, all well defined muscle with what looks like less than 5% body fat. He has a long, slightly curved cock and says he can cum up to a dozen times a day! I picked him up from one of those temporary employment places. Uh-oh, another one of my trade secrets exposed. Yes, I've picked up many a straight dude from outside temporary employment agencies, even the unemployment office several times. But, you better be well practiced in the art of straight guy seduction before you try it yourself - you've been warned. Well, they all wait outside smoking, talking on their phones and hoping to get called for some type of temp work. I'm not talking about the corners and underpasses where undocumented immigrants wait for construction jobs - that's even a bit rough for me. Nor am I talking about high end employment agencies or head hunters. These are blue collar and administrative job agencies. You can find them, just let your fingers do the walking first in Google. Anyway, I pass by the temp agency a few times and see a couple of good candidates. I park, get out of the car and gradually start up an innocent conversation with my first target. I eventually move the topic from the weather and how looking for work sucks to my slutty (fictional) younger wife and that usually gets a straight boy going. Normally, I can spot their dick getting hard within 30 seconds of telling them I watch other guys fuck her. Once I get past that point and he's not running for the hills, I tell him I'm a photographer and videographer and film porn as a hobby, I ask if he'd like to fuck my wife while I watch or would fuck around with another married couple while I film it...of course he would... and when I tell him it's for ask he really gets excited. I told him he'd have to do a screen test first before I could film him with my wife or another girl, to make sure he met the girl's physical requirements, didn't have any defects and could get it up in front of me and a camera. But, he suddenly became suspicious and said "I'm not into gay shit". I explained I'd just film him jacking off. Anyway, he said he'd let me know. I slipped him a 20 dollar bill for 'some smokes' and figured I'd never hear back. However, he did call that night. He needed the money and had talked to his girlfriend and she approved - didn't even mind him having sex with another girl, as long as the money was good. They both thought porn would be a good way to make a living without really working. His girlfriend even offered to fuck him on camera if she could get into the game...and paid - but I said that would have to wait. He said that they make their own home made videos - something I'd love to see. I love the fact that all these straight boys make home made sex videos - bless you Steve Jobs and the smartphone cam.

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