Cream Dreams: Trace
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Somewhere out there is a tree quaking in it's bark, cause this hunky lumberjack is gonna cut her down. Trace is just the man for the job. Tall, lanky and built to fuck, this dude is one horny tree trimmer. Probably more comfortable buying a round of beers for the guys, today Trace is looking for some trouble. He didn't count on some older dude playing with his shit, but after Brendon tongues his hole, Trace has to admit it feels damn good. By the time Brendon's through with him, Trace is bucking up and down like he's riding the bull. And that's no shit!

Every once in a while I run an ad for guys who want to break into porn, meet hot girls, etc. I'm reluctant to do it often, because it sometimes becomes a nightmare trying to weed out the phonies, the guys that are too old or don't ''photograph well'' and the guys who are gay. A few have slipped in, but you can be assured that this week's guy, Trace, a tree trimmer by trade, is as straight as an arrow. He's just hit some bad times - he lost his job, so he and his girlfriend of five years, moved to San Francisco to start over. But, he tells me it's not easy to start a business without the licensing, and referrals from other local clients. So, he had to take up any type of job he could get. Right now he's painting and when he walks in you can see his clothes are covered in streaks of white paint from the job he's on. He actually came to my studio on his break, so I had less than 45 minutes to warm him up, shoot the video and get him out the door and back to his job. I think you'll all agree that it was worth the rush for this dude. Trace is as masculine and as straight as they come. You'll hear him tell me that he needed to find a new way to make some money - he just can't make ends meet and that's why he's doing porn. What this means to me is that this guy is up for just about anything for the right $$$, and you'll see the camera stop a few times where I had to negotiate money for things he wasn't mentally prepared for, like rimming and fingering his hot, straight pussy. Anyway, I get him stripped down and he's going commando. What a hot package this dude is! He's all muscle with a big, fat cock. When that thing got hard I couldn't close my fist around the middle of the shaft. So, after I rimmed him, I was jacking him and he jacked himself and he starts to cum - I tell him to hold back which he does, but the precum is dripping like crazy on his firm belly, so I bend down and lap it all up. In the end, I have my hand wedged between his legs, pressing on his hole and as he's on the edge and humping against my fingers, I let one finger slide right up inside of him and he just keeps humping it as he shoots a big creamy load. In the Outtakes he says he got what he wanted, of course referring to the money, and he guesses that I got what I wanted too! Oh, how right he was!

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