Cream Dreams: Tyson
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Brendon never does anything halfway, so when faced with the challenge of going down on Tyson's major boner, halfway down is not going to cut it. Not only is this straight stud hung, he's hung big. Is it possible that Tyson's cock got bigger since his visit to the studio for the Dick Dynasty series? Or does the pussy porn playing on Brendon's video just pump more fuel to that missile? Either way, when Tyson gets close to blasting off, he pumps his hips up to Brendon's hungry mouth like he's drilling for oil. It's a gusher all right!

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BigDave (09/20/18):
Damn! That's a hot cock and cumshot!!!!!

Smckohio (09/07/18):
Totally agree fantastic cum shot

Tyson's back, and as I've said in the past, he's one of my favorite types, he's a good looking, southern redneck, country boy with a naturally muscled body and a really big cock. He's from Gainesville, Florida, on the Gulf Coast which is not only 'gator country' but also 'redneck country'. You know the kind of guys I like, mostly regular dudes. I'm not going throw some straight gym bunny out of my studio, but I was always attracted to just normal, everyday, masculine guys. Anyway, Tyson's been working a lot,but he's always broke. He eats his meals at Mc Donald's and doesn't ever have an extra dollar on him, so he's back for more 'easy' cash. I get him comfortable by telling him that I have a young, good looking married couple to hook him up with in the studio. The catch his, he has to let me see how far I can "push" him in this screen test. I start talking to him about sex and his fantasies. I was surprised that he said he was into holding a girl by the throat and choking her while he's fucking her...gulp. If you remember from his last video, he told me that none of the girls he's been with have been able to get his entire cock down their throat. Now, if one of my favorite types of guys are rednecks, that's one of the reasons. I've never done a straight redneck guy that had less than seven thick inches. Is it the country air, the genes, I just don't know, but they grow country boy cock really big and Tyson is no exception - he has quite the pussy buster! Anyway, Tyson knows I'm up to no good. Watch his eyes, they follow me like a serial killer stalking his prey. Anyway, as he watched pussy porn, I sucked that big, beautiful, straight boy, redneck cock and jacked that thing to a HUGE load and then lapped it all up. I even told him it was the best fucking cum shot I've ever seen! That really stroked his ego. He was so proud of himself he said "it even hit my face". Check out Tyson's returns - he's, hotter than hell!

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