Crotch Watch: Ajay
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Corporate headhunters would love to interview Ajay for any position that needed to be filled. He presents himself with humility and confidence, a sexy combination in any office setting. You could say Brendon is a 'head'hunter, but the head he's looking for usually never comes out in an interview. And it isn't always mushroom shaped and throbbing either. But Ajay is a player. He doesn't bat an eye when things get very personal and soon he's feeding that sexy cock-head to Brendon and getting his sweet pink ass rimmed. Not a bad way to spend your lunch hour.

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F (07/20/18):

Smckohio (07/18/18):
Love the close up sucking on his beautiful cock at end. Do more of those. Also when u fingered him while he pumped ur mouth while u sat in chair. Loved it

Ajay is back in my chair. As you may remember from his last video (and a quick glance at his photos), Ajay is a life long athlete and the proof of the latter is in his beautifully fit body and gorgeous thighs and legs, and you get to see plenty that. This guy is really put together - sexy as all fuck! He also has a gorgeous cock that I can't even get my hand around, a butt and sweet pink hole made for eating and has the capacity to shoot a huge load of hot straight boy spunk. He also has that sexy, deep, straight boy voice and to top that off he is a pretty bright guy and nice to boot. Ajay is still with the same girl, the really sexually adventurous one who has no problems being in an open relationship. He had told me that they explore each others fantasies together and have sex two or three times a day. They use toys and she fucks him with a strap on. And when she's not around, he just strips down and edges himself in bed or in the shower and tries to hold off until she walks in the door. He also told me that she loves his cum anywhere he dumps it - her mouth, her tits, her pussy, ass, etc. Last time he was here, he told me he wanted to do a scene with a girl, but if "someone" else joined in, it would be ok. This time I get to eat the fuck out of his hole, have him face fuck me, finger fuck him and he blows his entire load in my mouth while he's fucking my face. And, then for you leg and feet lovers, he has them hanging in the air with his legs spread for a good 5 minutes or more - and you also get a great look at those legs when he's mouth fucking me. In the end he tells me that his fantasy is to do a guy-girl orgy - mine too, like I did in Straight Sperm Donors where I have a girl get these hot muscle guys horned up, she lets them fuck her, etc, but I get to suck them off and eat their straight guy cum in the end. Anyway, we had a great conversation about his open relationship and anal sex in the outtakes. And, he's just such a fucking sexy dude! Don't miss the return of Ajay.

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