Crotch Watch: Albi
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If you like em with a little meat on the bone, Albi's the guy for you. You may even remember him from The Master of Johnsons series. At 22, he's brawny, horny and has a nice fat cock. His low hanging balls are the weight that anchors that dick. Watch him stroke his Johnson and then a mysterious arm reaches into the frame to stroke it too. But the real surprise is what Albi does with a huge dildo. Seems like since he was here last he's discovered his ass. We knew it was there all along.

I'm still drooling from sucking and finger-fucking Albi, the hot, HUNG, country boy from Wisconsin. This 21 year old, blond, fair skinned, scruffy lookin' straight boy is just my type! He loves to talk about fucking pussy, but he's adventurous and kinky enough to get off on a gay bj and a dude's finger up his hole. Now finger fucking is one of my favorite things to do. I can't tell you why, but I love jamming a finger up a straight boy's hot hole and then fucking it a bit and lubing another finger and trying to see how many I can get up there. I find finger fucking a dude extremely erotic, but especially straight guys, I guess it's more the straight "taboo" that adds the extra layer of erotic stimulation for me. Notice when I lube my finger and put it back in when he's on the verge of cumming, his face kind of lights up and he says "oh yeah" and that's when I put it all the way in and start to fuck him with it and the sensation of his butt muscles squeezing my finger almost made me cum in my undies. When he cums we really see why Wisconsin is famous for milk production and cheese - it was like a fucking geyser. He popped so fast and it shot so far, I was like in shock and didn't even have a moment to get my mouth back on his cock. It shot over the back of the chair he was in, all over him and, even though you can't see it all, it soaked my black sweater. He was really good about it all too...except at the end which you'll see in the Outtakes next week. I turned off the studio set lighting and kept the camera on the tripod pointed at him while we talked. After he slid his pants on, he looks over and asks me if the camera is still recording...and after I sort of confirmed it, he said "you're a bastard". I thought he was kidding - and maybe he was partially - but you'll notice his demeanor changes and he's no longer answering my questions with anything other than a yes/no or head gesture. Oh well, you can't win 'em all. Hopefully he'll get over it and come back - I'd love to hook him up with another, young dude. Anyway, what's he complaining about. He came to San Francisco with a Wisconsin wallet cash and that didn't go far. When he came to me he was out and out broke and left a hour later with a blowjob a finger fucking an orgasm and $$$!

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