Crotch Watch: Dell
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With eyes like saucers and 6 feet 6 inches of rangy youth, Dell lands in a porn studio today not knowing what to expect. Brendon puts him at ease, chatting about girls and masturbating. That usually keeps 'em from bolting. Dell tells us about his most awesome sexual encounter; having a foursome with three chicks. In this scene, Dell peels off his clothes and jerks his cock while watching some porn videos. The whole experience has him so turned on that he cums buckets.

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hungry bottom (06/14/18):
I cant wait till he lets you taste that dick... maybe even fuck you

Dell is 22 years old and stands a whopping 6'6'' tall. I always wanted to be a bit taller, but 6'6'', wow, that's REALLY tall! He's totally straight and cute and has a long thin cock with a big head. He says he's never done any video before. And, he doesn't like ''real work'', so doing porn seemed to be an OK way to make some money. He likes anal, rimming (girls that is) and fucking and has had a 4 way with him and 3 girls. I asked him if he'd do a three way with a married couple where the husband might jack him and suck him for a bit, but he wouldn't have to reciprocate. He was very clear ''no touching a dude''. He also loves to give girls a facial - splatter his hot, straight boy cum all over some slut's face. He told me his loads are big and he proved it by shooting straight up - it landed on my futon cover and the floor - slurp, slurp. He had answered one of my ads for male models. It took quite a while to convince him to do a screen test, we went back and forth on email until I finally got him to call me. Once I get them on the phone or in person, there are few I can't get. This one needs a lot of work, but I have a lot of patience and a lot of cash and that's almost always enough to convince them to go to the next level. I'm sure you guys will like this tall, cute, sexy straight boy Dell.

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