Crotch Watch: Doyle
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This tall, skinny, ginger-headed 22 year old would probably just ascend to the clouds if he wasn't anchored down to earth by his huge dick. Doyle is a bit of an airhead, so the heft of his fully engorged cock could explain how the oxygen doesn't get all the way up to his brain. But that dick could power a small city. Brendon intends to harness that energy today by wrestling that piece of man meat to the mat and swallowing it's wholeness. That's not an easy task. The champ has to make a few attempts before he can get the whole thing down his throat. It gets even thicker at the base, so tears are shed, but the result is one small step for man...

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SimonVA (06/28/18):
That cock is out of this WORLD!!!!

Doyle is quite the character. He's just 22 and at 6'4'' (same height as Ian from last week) has a really big, thick cock. I could barely get my hand around it and it totally cut off my air supply when I tried to deep throat that big hunk of man meat. Anyway, I met Doyle in an adult book store of all places. I've known this dude who owns a small peep show shop for a long time from my trips there in my younger days. He kicked me out more than once when I was in my twenties and cruising for straight dick - this was prior to the Internet - when it was the easiest way for me to find horny straight guys who were willing to let me suck their dicks. I used to give him copies of my private videos for his own use and then started to sell him some of my videos for rentals in his adult shop when I opened my first site- he has an exclusive on them - that's why he stopped kicking me out - LOL. I would go early in the morning (that's how much I love str8 cock) to get the frustrated, married, blue collar guys who wanted to knock one out before work in a twenty five cent peep booth (no dollar bills in those days, quarters, not even tokens,). I used to also go at around 4PM to catch the after work factory guys. I sucked lots of very, very hot guys off inside those cummy, smokey booths in those days. I had a special set of jeans and tshirt that were already saturated with that smoke, old paper, cum and bleach, adult book store odor, so I wouldn't ruin my regular stuff. I kept them in a plastic bag at home and washed them when I got around to it. I wonder just how much cum there was in the denim around the knees :-), I walked around that place with a loaded condom stuck to me pants on more than one occasion. These places provided an endless supply of straight dick, until the Internet and things like CraigsList and private glory holes came about and the numbers of straight dudes dwindled. But, I still go back for old times sake and believe it or not can still find some hot, straight cock, because these married working guys need an anonymous and quick blowjob and it's tough to do when your wife expects you home for dinner and keeps tabs on you when you're not working. I've got tons of stories about the straight pieces I did at the peep booths - cops, dentists, politicians, married and dating couples and lots of sexy young straight dads. Anyway, here I am browsing the straight and bi DVDs - a great place to start cruising for straight boys in adult shop. And, in walks this tall, kind of animated and energetic dude. He starts looking at the videos and he's talking out loud about how he's fucked hotter girls then the ones on the box covers and they can barely take his cock. So, I just slide up next to him and say "no shit", that's totally hot. And, before you know it he's telling me all sorts of stories about his fucking and how he wrecks these girls' cunts with his huge schlong. I ask him if he's ever done porn and he tells me no, but all the girls think he should because he's so good looking and hung. So, I tell him that I make porn and I show him one of the Bait Bride videos that the store rents and before you know it I have him sitting in my studio. This guy is so into himself I really got a kick out of it. He talks a lot, like about how girls used to come up to him in high school and told him they wanted to get fucked because they heard about his big cock and he tells me his dick is as wide as an IPhone (I'm sure Apple would be happy to hear that) and lots of other stuff. He even says on camera "I'm a cocky asshole" - and he lives up to that description. So, I get to jack him, suck him and attempt to get his shower of cum in my mouth. Check out the video and don't miss the Outtakes where he tells me I'm the first guy to ever suck his cock - it's really hot.

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