Crotch Watch: Evan
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Greek by nationality, horny by nature and sexy, by God, Evan has the total package; hazel eyes, huge balls and tats spreading over his massive chest. His dark hair falls just between his eyebrows and frames his hotter-than-hell face. Brendon admires this hunk from behind the camera. That cock sure would go down easy, but for today we're satisfied to watch this hunk stroke one out. Evan sprays a hot load up onto his chest and lets it run down his six-pack abs. Damn, he's fine!

Evan is one of the hottest straight boys I ever filmed, and that's saying a lot. He's a native Californian from the Bay area and travels with a well known male stripper troupe that strips only for women. He's Greek, with hazel eyes and dark hair, a massive chest, plenty of ink, a huge cock and a big set of low hangers. When he strips down to his underwear you see his huge cock can barely be contained. Evan's skin is flawless and his body is all perfectly proportioned muscle. His butt and legs are phenomenal and he loves to show off his hot body. So, here's the inside scoop as to what really goes on after those strip shows, they don't just pack up and head home. He says the women pay him $50 to strip naked in a private show and in the video he tells me one of his boys jacked off on a woman in front of a bunch of other girls for $70. Most of it goes on in a backroom in some of the venues, but many times the guys share rooms in cheap motels and do stuff with the women right in front of each other. I guess when you're that hot, it's not that exciting to watch your buddy jack off for some 40lb overweight housewife. He says that when he gets horny at home he strips down and jacks off watching orgy scenes. He said he cums a lot and used to just let it fly, but there's so much cum he tries to catch it in something ... maybe my watering mouth? He loves pussy, likes anal too, but says it's hard to find girls who will take his big cock. He also likes when a girl eats his ass, says it feels like when a girl puts her tongue in his ear times a million. Anyway, I'm trying to get him to come back to the studio and let me have at him. It might be easier to have him fuck Geo or Cary. Or, better yet, if I could only find Evereth again, can you imagine that pairing. So, after the video was done I asked him to show me some of his private videos, I always ask that, because they're always the hottest stuff to watch. He shows me one of some girl he hooked up with who is sucking him off in a hotel room. I couldn't believe how good the quality was for a phone. almost gopro quality. I think it was a Samsung phone, but at the time I was more interested in him and his video than the brand of phone. I have to ask him as I would definitely love to have a phone with a camera that good. Anyway, she takes his cum in her mouth and then wants to kiss him and share it. He makes a face and just says, you wanted it, now swallow it and maybe I'll fuck you. How arrogant, how cocky, how fucking erotic!!! I wanted to steal his phone and watch the rest of the videos on there - I will definitely schedule more time for that when I get him to return. Don't miss Evan.

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