Crotch Watch: Geo & Chris
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You know Geo from his many visits over the years; growing up from a punk kid to a well built young man. But you're meeting Chris for the first time, and so is Geo. Brendon teases out some fantasies from both guys just to get their mo-jo going. Geo needs a break from the girlfriend at home and always likes to stop by the studio for some shenanigans. Chris is really good looking in an Orlando Bloom sort of way. Sucking dick is new to him but you'll be amazed at his technique. And in a real turn around, Geo ends up fucking Chris. These two guys go at it till they both cum one after the other. New best buds.

As I mentioned last week, I'd been calling and emailing Geo to get him back for another video and I finally did, but this time it has a twist. So, Geo finally returns, he's still working construction and things are going good with his girlfriend of one and half years - although he said he would like to get more head from her. I also found someone with similar tastes, another dude who like Geo, is into girls, but likes to have a man use his always hungry hole. Both guys have no problem sucking cock either - although Geo will tell you it's not his favorite thing. Anyway, the new dude's name is Chris and boy is he good looking! He's not that big in the dick department, but I think his handsome face, his height, and his hot legs make up for that shortcoming. Chris is in another scene before this one, but I wanted to put this video up first. In the next video you'll see him with his hair tied back which I think makes him even better looking...if that's even possible. It's in this previously made movie that I showed him how to use Gregor's cum as lube to jack himself off with. In the current movie he apparently decided he liked jacking with another dude's cum and scrapes the cum off Geo's belly (and Geo shoots a big load) and lubes his cock to finish himself off. I met Chris while he was working a part time job as the 'rope man' at the swingers club where I troll for straight dudes on occasion. Actually I met him the same night I met Max and his girlfriend inside. It turned out to be a very productive night. Sometimes I can go and there's not even a single guy with any potential the entire evening. A lot of times I'll meet one dude and maybe he'll call me or not. This particular visit was doubleheader! Anyway, I leave the guys to themselves and there's some hot sucking action, but the twist ... it's Geo who satisfies Chris's hungry hole and not the other way around. Geo said he was a bit disappointed, but don't feel too bad for that he didn't get fucked, at least he got his rocks off and got paid for it! We also learn that Geo's fantasy is an orgy with trannies. He gets the female visual with cocks to fuck him.

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