Crotch Watch: Gregor & Dale
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It's very likely that 18 year old Gregor is using Brendon's studio as his personal sex pad. After all, he lives with Mom and Dad, so can't exactly bring a guy home. That's cool with Brendon, cause any 18 year old that wants to get nasty in the studio is welcome. He'll even supply a 'date'. In this case, it's a newly engaged, self identified 'swinger' who wanted to bring his fiance along with him. Brendon had to put the ki-bosh on that. Dale can have pussy at home. Today it's men only. Dale's big cock gets a full service going over from the always horny Gregor. Maybe not eharmony, but more like match.cum.

This week rings in my newest series ''Crotch Watch'' and as most of you know, I am an extremely experienced crotch watcher. I know how to find the biggest straight boy cocks, on sight, and with the enticement of cash and pussy, bring them directly to you. So, this week I brought back the very young and cute, blond, Russian, bi boy, 18 years old Gregor, who still lives at home with his parents. I hook him up with a straight dude, Dale, who I met an art gallery event with his girlfriend not long ago. We got to talking - right in front of his girl and they both reached out at the same time to take my card. It wasn't long before he was calling. Dale, as you'll see, is tall, slender, has long hair, piercings, is a bit scruffy and has a very big dick. He's an artist of sorts, a hipster who is engaged to be married. Dale has a pretty wild swinger lifestyle with his soon to be wife. As you'll see in the video, I ask him to repeat what he said in our phone conversation and he does. - ''can I bring my girlfriend to watch'' - well maybe next time. Anyway,this is his very first video ever, anywhere, so you'll get to see a total newbie being serviced by dude - he says for the very first time. After I'm done talking to the guys, I turn on the pussy porn and tell them to go for it. Gregor knows it's his place to service this straight boy and the teenager gets right down to business. What else can I say... a video is worth a thousand words, so check it out right now!

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