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Someday, my Prince will cum... Brendon has always had a weakness for the blonde, blue-eyed boys. So when they're 6 foot 4 and Hollywood handsome, they can pretty much write their own ticket. Ian has been in the big city only a few months, so with the help of social media he's found some girls who can handle his big fat dick. Brendon's natural shyness (rare) prevents him from making moves on this stud, but he enjoys watching Ian stroke himself and finger his own ass. Ian strokes out a huge load.

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smckohio (06/25/18):
hot nice cock and great shots of a nice hole

I've really been doing well with my classified ads lately. I normally like to pick straight guys up from my regular sports bar,swinger's club, answering straight guys personal ads (been banned from many sites :-), street festivals, parks, my favorite bowling alley, but I also run classified ads. I usually get a mixed bag of mostly gay and bi dudes from these ads. But, the last two I found from the classified were really hot - and Ian is one of those. He's a 6'4'' tall straight dude who of course plays basketball. He's very hot, handsome face, longish blond hair, blue eyes, an athletic body, just hairy enough chest, great natural legs, thighs and firm butt from playing sports. His cock is perfect, big and pink with big set of balls - it's mouth watering. And, he loves pussy, just about any pussy, all ages, all races, and the girls love his big, fat cock. He says he usually just gets the tip in and they all gasp a bit. He says he has to take it slow just to get that big fat boy inside a pussy. He also tells me that some cougar taught him about ass play - rimmed him and stuck a finger up his butt hole and jacked him off - "the best orgasm I ever had" he says. So, I had him prove it by making him jack off with first one finger up what I imagine is a very hot, tight hole, and then a second finger. Ian is a real exhibitionist and loves to show his stuff off (why not?). He tells me that he fucked a chick on a park bench with his buddy. His favorite thing is to give a girl a facial. When you see his thick white cum pulse onto the futon and floor, you know his facials are super hot. Open wide for Ian!!!

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