Crotch Watch: Jace
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With a million dollar smile and boundless curiosity, Jace looks like a young Ethan Hawke. This adorable 20 year old is way kinky though. Handcuffs, ropes and group sex round out a perfect weekend for Jace. He's down for almost anything, so Brendon lubes up Jace's thick dick and nails the kid to the chair. His hairy ass looks like candy and when he cums it's like a fountain in Vegas. Ahh... the fountain of youth!

Jace is another great find. He's young, straight, good looking, built and kinky - boys don't come in a better variety than that. Jace is currently single, and why not - he's just 20 years old. But, he emphasizes to me that he's very independent and keeps his life moving forward. He says his older friends got him into kinky stuff - and by older he means 35 - yikes - I'm ancient! He says it's important for him to do athletic things to stay fit and that's no lie. His body doesn't have an ounce of fat - it's just firm, young, tight and toned muscle. He has a beautiful chest and sexy nipples. When it comes to sex, he says he loves group sex - lots of girls and some guys thrown in to make it interesting, because he likes to watch others fuck in the same room with him. He also likes to be tied up, blindfolded and handcuffed. That gives me some kinky ideas for his next video :-). He also has had girls rim him, play with his ass and use toys on him - he says it makes his dick real hard. I even have him finger his own tight hole as he's jacking off. I start stroking him and stops me - says, besides being a dude, I'm a bit old for him. Well, if he's wants to come back and make more money, he's going to have to get over the 'dude' thing, because I plan on sucking his cock and finger fucking his hole. But, I sure can help him in the age department - I have plenty of guys who would be willing - I'd love to get Evereth back, but I think he's left the state and I can't reach him. Now Evereth wouldn't put up with any crap from him. Anyway, when Jace is about to cum, I just grab his hot, rock hard cock and stroke him off to a geyser of a hot straight boy spooging!

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