Crotch Watch: Jace Returns
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The response to Jace's first visit was overwhelming, so we've brought him back for a re-match. At 20 years old and cute as hell, Jace can write his own ticket in this town, but today Brendon is going to make it a round trip! Jace loves the nasty, and the kinkier the better, so he doesn't flinch when the older man takes his chubby dick down his throat. He scoots down on the seat to give Brendon a better shot at his tasty ass. Rim and trim is the order of the day. Who could resist eating the cum of this sweet young stud?

Jace is back! He's the Ethan Hawke look alike who I now think looks more like Taylor Lautner LOL. This boy is hot. He called me, like most of these straight dudes as soon as he needs pocket cash - which he calls "Friday night money". This stud is 20 yars old, built, has a thick cock and hails from Idaho. All that manual labor (as well as 800 leg presses) has given him a gorgeous, rock solid body. I'm always complementing these straight guys, stroking their ego, which they love. I tell him he's so lucky to have a cock like his and he says "pretty happy with it". This time I let him know it's going to be more of a screen test to let me see how far he's willing to go. He let's me suck his big cock, play with his hole and rim that fabulous ass of his (it was delicious) and even nurse on his nipples. He almost chokes me when he pushes my head right to the root of his cock. I wonder if the choking was on purpose. He did it twice, the second time he was humping my mouth and jammed up real hard until he choked me again. I was surprised when I played outside his hole with my finger and he spreads those big, hard thighs wide. I think it was a reflex, because he wouldn't let me up his hole. Even when I rimmed him, he said it felt good, but he was keeping my tongue from penetrating more than the opening. Then I'm sucking him off and he starts jacking himself like crazy so that he can cum and he tells me I can swallow his cum (like I'm going to wait for permission). As soon as he cums, as he thick white spooge is dripping down his cock, I take just about his entire cock down my throat and slurp his cum up. And, I'll tell you, it tasted just a fucking good as you'd imagine!

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