Crotch Watch: Jacob & Geo
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Brendon calls this scene 'chisel and sizzle'. Jacob has the bone structure of a runway model, chiseled like fine steel. Geo is our go-to bottom but today he sizzles as a raunchy top. Turn the tables and watch as Geo slams Jacob's sweet ass like the construction worker he is. From the couch to the wall, Jacob is butter in Geo's hands, moaning and groaning from the exquisite pain of getting fucked. Jacob cums, then Geo, in what looks like the start of a wonderful friendship!

I brought Jacob, the nude artist's model, back for the third time, and this time I paired him up with Geo, the construction worker, who's been here for the umpteenth time. Geo has been fucked in my studio many times, even by me, and I've pretty much fisted him. For a straight guy in a long term relationship with a girl and currently engaged, Geo really likes cock - especially up his horny hole, he likes them big and often. He also doesn't mind sucking some cock and in this scene he even surprises me and eats cum - and not his own. Last time Jacob was here he said he wouldn't mind doing more stuff with a guy, but that he would prefer it to be someone younger (he really didn't let me do anything or than jack him a bit the first two times) - so I selected Geo to break in his mouth and hole with a real penis. Currently, Jacob is in a open relationship (very popular in sexually liberated San Francisco) with a beautiful girl - I've seen them fucking- but that's another story. She's really open when it comes to sex and plays with his hole and fucks him with a strap on sometimes. Now he's ready for the real thing. I tell the guys what I want to see them do throughout this video, and to start I have them suck each others cocks. And like I said, I turned the tables and had Geo top Jacob this time. Geo fucked him hard in every position until Jacob shot on his stomach and Geo just bent down and cleaned off every drop of cum with his mouth. Geo then lays down with the taste of Jacob's spooge on his tongue and jacks of a HUGE load all over him (unfortunately not in my mouth). I didn't get it on video, but Geo, a total sex slut who is always horny, stayed and I ate his ass, sucked his cock and finger fucked him hard like he likes it with 3 fingers until he shot another big load. I took his load in my mouth and then spit in on my cock and jacked off with it as lube - what a nice afternoon!

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