Crotch Watch: Javier
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Brendon brings the camera in close and then tugs at Javier's underwear. 100% cotton boxer/briefs have all they can do to contain this hot Latin's package. His balls are so close we can smell them, and it's that wonderful scent of detergent and skin. Nothing else smells like it. Javier is hard and getting harder as Brendon's voice lulls our lothario into the comfort zone. Before this hunky straight boy can figure out up from down, Brendon has that fat cock down his throat. 20 year-old guys taste so good.

I was out and about, bringing my little pooches in for a grooming. That's where I met 20 year old Javier, he was looking for a job. Here's this sexy, obviously straight Latino dude wearing a white t-shirt that really displayed a set of broad shoulders and a well built upper body. It was worn with jeans that hugged his bubble butt, and showed a crotch that I wanted to get to know better. Javier was talking to the owner and almost begging to start working right away. I later found out he was already working two jobs plus working a third job a few times a month and needed more income in order to stay in school. I felt kind of bad that he was so broke, and kind of horny for this dude at the same time. I got to talking with him and found out he has a long term girlfriend who helps him out financially, but it's expensive to live in this area and they just weren't making ends meet. I asked him how much he'd need to make it through the end of the month. He said $500 would do it, and I told him I could make that happen if he'd do a movie for me. He didn't balk at all when I told him it was porn, he was happy enough to have the work. So, I took him back to the studio and showed him my "seduction book", where I keep photos of the girls I have shot in some of the videos on the site, like Bait Bride, Sperm Donors, Beach Boys and others. I also have photos of me with some of the hottest female porn stars which I had taken at the adult entertainment conventions I go to - specifically for the purpose of putting them in my seduction book. I guess that's another secret to the art of seducing straight guys that I don't think I've mentioned until now - well you gotta be convincing. And, he told me he really liked the 'Asian' girl in the book, so the book once again served it's purpose. Well anyway, I can definitely say that you don't find 'em straighter than Javier and he's totally hot. When I got him stripped him down I could see his big, thick uncut cock bulging through his underwear and I said "release the MONSTER" ... what a fucking huge cock this boy has. All I could follow up with was"this thing needs it's own zip code". This poor dude was very nervous during the filming and then got really quiet when I started to make my moves on him. You can almost see the wheels spinning his head trying to figure out what's going on - like, what did he get himself into, but I continued to get him off. In the "Outtakes" he says "you threw me a curve ball...but I'm open minded". Anyway, in the end this Latino stud really gets off, wait until you see spurt after spurt of thick white cum shooting out of his cock (with lots of it going directly into my mouth of course). You'll see by the end of the Outtakes, when the orgasmic chemicals have dispersed from his brain, he doesn't look too happy as he contemplates what he'd done. So, I don't think he's going to be telling his long term, conservative girlfriend about the video, but he's only 20, he'll get over it. Anyway, he said he'd come back and do a scene with a husband and wife. So, I'm pretty sure I can convince him to return - but for what and how much I don't know. You're gonna love Javier!

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