Cum To Daddy: Cameron
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You might be excused for thinking this scene is an audition tape for a Tom Cruise look-alike (only younger, sweeter and not fucked up). Cameron has the face and smile of an earlier incarnation of that renowned actor, but his mojo is totally different. Cameron is a Utah native who came West like the early settlers, looking for adventure and riches. His body is a yummy road map of his journey, with ink to tell the tale. Brendon gets a hand on that dick and never lets go. Cameron puts his trust in the director and delivers a mouthful of the Great Salt Lake.

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Joey (12/06/18):
I need him in my life! Hot cock and balls! Sluuuurrrp!

When Cameron walked into my studio, I couldn't believe that he actually showed up. I met him for coffee for a quick interview after I read his ad on "Young, handsome, hardworking dude will take almost any job. I need cash to pay my lawyer to get custody of my son." This young, sexy straight boy is unfortunately divorced and in a tough custody battle with his ex-wife for his son. He needed quick money and I stepped in to give him a helping hand - literally. The dude has what I think is a movie star face, a super hot body - his skin is baby smooth and a beautful big cock and cute bubble butt - lots of ink too. You'll get a good look at that pretty butt when I have him get on his knees and make believe he's fucking pussy. He tells me that when he was 21, he hooked up with a performer from Cirque du Soleil and they fucked in her room for three days straight! Anyway, this small town boy from Utah, tells me he jacks off all the time when he's not fucking pussy. He's in his ''cougar'' stage now, fucking women 10 or more years older than him (lucky cunts). So, you'll hear him tell me that he sometimes strips down and sits on his granite kitchen countertop as he peers out the window looking at his hot older neighbor lady and jacks off imagining he's fucking her. Then he shoots his load on the kitchen floor as he imagines letting lose on her face. He thought he'd be shy in front of the camera, but he went for it, even if it was only the money that motivated him. He let me get him off and he shot a huge load right into my mouth. He's anxious to come back soon to work with my new married couple. He said he may have to go slow as he's not too sure about letting a dude suck his cock. I think in his case money talks - he'll be back to do it.

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