Cum To Daddy: Dalton
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Brendon describes Dalton as 'the boy next door... if you live in Hollywood'. Luckily we don't have to travel. Dalton is here in the flesh today, and what beautiful flesh it is. This big strapping ginger haired guy is shedding his clothes and some of his inhibitions to test the waters of the porn biz. Dalton makes it all look easy; get naked, get hard, get off! Bing, bang, boom! No problem. Dalton's got big balls, but does Brendon have what it takes to lure this guy back for another screen test? Hope fucking so!

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Louie453 (07/02/19):
Dalton is one of the hottest dudes on the site. Saw him in the three-way too.

Stevie33 (01/02/19):
This guy is perfect! Just fucking perfect! I would never leave my bed if I had him in it with me!!!!! OMG!

OMG! Dalton walked through the door and my mouth dropped. He had sent me some photos which looked really good, but when you see him in person you realize just what a hunk he is. If you like gingers, you'll go nuts for Dalton. I think he has movie star good looks, a killer body, killer smile and of course even a big cock. He's got pretty feet too for those foot men out there. Plus, he's really, really nice. Dalton is 30, a single dude who gets more than his fair share of pussy. He loves sex and loves talking about it. He was even turning me on when he's talking about how he fingers some chick and then makes her lick her own pussy juice off her fingers - and I don't even like pussy! He also loves to cum in a girl's pussy more than anything else. So, I asked him if he ever scooped his own cum out of the girl's pussy and fed it to her - he denied that. He also doesn't say anything when I kind of ask him if he ever tastes it. But, he does tell me that he loves to eat pussy and has fucked plenty of girls in the ass. I told him I'd set him up with Alana and Ajay, the married couple and I hope to do that shoot on Friday or Saturday. I can't wait to see that hot ass of his pumping away at Alana and see him get sucked by another dude for the first time. I'm not sure he knows what he's in for. Anyway, he's super hot, the scene is hot and check out the back left of the video and you'll see he parked his skateboard there - you can just imagine him shirtless, skateboarding his way around the city with every hot girl and hot gay dude cruising him. He tells me in the video that he's been blessed in many ways - AMEN!

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