Cum To Daddy: Gael
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Gael has a face that appears younger than his 26 years. But when he begins to interact with Brendon there is a maturity and confidence that only a man of a certain age can attain. His brown eyes and dark hair speak of a Latin background and when he unwraps that beefy body you'll be thinking rugby. He's solid as a Sherman tank with the howitzer to match. He tells Brendon that no chick has ever gotten him down 'all the way'. So now you know what you're about to see. Brendon cannot resist that challenge. You be the judge.

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Jackin it (06/24/21):
Stud all the way

ChrisL99 (06/10/21):
This guy is a fucking stud! What a hunk and what a cock! Fuck me anytime dude!

Gael is all man. He's a baseball nut who grew up playing all kinds of sports. He's a pretty tall guy and beefy too. I like a beefy dude if he's firm and muscular - and Gael passes this test with an A+. His meaty pecs, butt and huge, firm athletic thighs are super sexy. And, talking about big and beefy, wait until you check out his cock! He told me he's never found a girl who could take his entire cock. The way he talks, he gets lots of sex, has lots of girls, and he likes them to be ''thick'' with big boobs or big butt or both. He tells me how the girls send him sex videos and he jacks off to them and that a girl even made of video of him having sex with her with her IPhone camera. It took quite a bit of negotiating with this dude to get him to try something new, fucking around with another dude - me. It started to get a little heated between us, but he finally gave in...for the right price that is. Anyway, he also set a condition, and that was I had to cut the negotiation argument out of the video - so I did. It was worth it and I think you'll agree. Anyway, as I said, even though he could never find a girl who could take his entire cock, I proved that I sure could - yum. In the end I get him off and then clean the cum off his big fat cock with my mouth (look at his face as I do it and as I walk away - he was really grossed out by it, but stayed very polite and I finally got him to smile. I think you're really going to like Gael!

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