Cum To Daddy: Randy
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That noise you hear coming from the garage next door could be Randy working on his engine. This lanky stud is studying motorcycle mechanics, so getting his hands dirty is part of the job. His blue-green eyes and pierced lower lip suggest a darker secret, one that Brendon gets Randy to reveal. He likes shoving toys up his straight-boy ass. Hey, we can accommodate that. Once Randy pulls out his huge cock and begins to stroke it, Brendon hands him a dildo that finds it's way up Randy's crankshaft. With his motor running at full throttle, Randy gives it up to Brendon's hungry mouth and even returns the favor. This scene will have you checking your dipstick and draining your fluids.

I had a great time with Randy this past week. Randy is a biker, a tall dude, kind of redneck and a bit rough around the edges. He's real straight looking, has a decent body - it's all natural - and a big cock. Randy says he's going to school to learn motorcycle repair. And, he's always broke ,living hand to mouth. So, he's willing to do just about anything for money. He loves pussy and has a regular girl. Randy is a kinky dude and found his girl through a dating site. He told me she was into the same things he is. And, just like Geo, he's into lots of anal play. He loves to be rimmed, fingered and having his girl pound his hot butt with a strap on. Knowing this up front, I wasn't passing up on this opportunity. So, I rimmed his hot tasty, tight, straight boy hole, fingered it with lube and then fucked him with a pretty thick dildo. I sucked that boy's cock, jacked it and had him suck me. I finally shoot a load all over him and he just jacks his cock like a crazy man, all his muscles stretched and tightened to the hilt, until he shoots a huge load! I hope you like Randy as much as I did!

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