Cum To Daddy: Stan
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Stan ticks all the boxes; ex-military (masculine), solid as shit (hunk), pussy lover (crazy), and straight (unavailable). He's totally relaxed in the studio and peels off his clothes as if it's the most natural thing in the world. But a body like this isn't natural, you have to earn it. Stan's time in the military spawned an ass as plump as a melon and arms that can take down an enemy. So Brendon figures to arm-wrestle that rock hard cock to submission. While Stan watches video porn, Brendon strokes his beautiful dick till it shoots a geyser of jizz. Cum to Daddy...

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BigBen (12/27/18):
Damn he's hot! Love this ASS!!!!!

Stan the man, and that he is, a really sexy straight dude. He's talking pussy from the minute the camera turns on. He's from Texas - an ex-Navy dude who said he spent a lot of time on a ship with just 150 guys. And, he made sure to let me know ''it wasn't his cup of tea'', because he likes girls. Well, I told him if he wants to fuck girls on camera for money, he'll have to pass muster with me first. Stan is a handsome guy, the cleft chin and all. He's got a great body with a just a bit of beefiness which makes him all that much sexier. Watch as he holds his hand up to demonstrate how he fingers a pussy to make it squirt - check out his bicep as it bulges with the least bit of effort. I love hearing how these guys have sex with girls and how they jack off at home, and he seemed to get into telling it all to me. I finally couldn't take it anymore and had him start stripping off his clothes. He has it all, a great chest, shoulders, arms, flat stomach, big thighs and legs and the cutest bubble butt. His cock is pretty big and when it's hard, kind of curves like a banana. I tell him he's got an ''ergonomic'' cock. He was a little taken aback like it was some type of criticism. I explained to him that it would fit a pussy or throat at a comfortable and stimulating angle - he quickly cheered up upon hearing that :-). Anyway, he's anxious to work with my married couple Alana and Ajay, I wouldn't mind seeing that either. I tried to see just how nasty he was and asked him if he'd eat pussy, eat a girl's cum, eat a girl's asshole. He explained it depends ''where she came from'', really saying she'd have to look like a clean, disease free girl. Also, watch as I have him show his butt off and demonstrate how he'd fuck a girl and you'll see just how much sex appeal he exudes. This is the type of straight guy you'd see around, but would normally never get a chance to see him do the things he does in this video - and the things he lets me do to him. If you like masculine, military types, you're going to love Stan!

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