Cum To Daddy: Traynor
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Whatever your political persuasion, Ohio's favorite son has de-camped for California. Traynor could run for office and he'd get our vote every time. His dark hair and eyes light up when he flashes that winning smile. This personal trainer keeps his body fit, but in the dick department, he's just a lucky bastard! His fat Johnson curves oh so slightly downward which would make it perfect for sucking... if Brendon were that lucky. He gets his hands on it, but Traynor is not ready for man to man action. We're totally satisfied to see this hunky dude stroke his own meat til he squeezes out a sweet load. He's your personal Traynor!

Traynor should be making movies for MGM and Universal and the likes, not here in my small porn studio jackin' off...not that I'm complaining. This 22 year old Italian stud with movie star looks is super hot. He has a muscular body, a big cock (I describe later in the video as a ''two fister'') with a perfectly shaped and sized set of balls, beautiful thick hair and a soul melting smile. Traynor is a personal trainer at a high end gym, a very popular trainer who has a waiting list of girls who's hoping someone will quit or move or die, so they can take their place. He says the girls love when he touches them 'here and there' as he puts them through their workout. On the weekends when he's not that busy, he tells me he calls three or four girls and invites them over to his place, and the first one to say yes gets him. Wow, how fucking cocky can you get...yet he's such a nice guy to work with. When he's not training girls at the gym or fucking them at his place on the weekends, he's doing fitness modeling for magazines and clothing companies. He recently did one for a shoe concern, and would like to do much more of that type of things. I asked him when he's home alone and horny where does he jack off. He said sometimes standing in the kitchen to see how far he can shoot, about 3ft so far, he'd like to go further - I don't think this is something you can train for - LOL. Sometimes he just jacks off like most of us in his bed. He watches different types of scenes and so far he especially likes big tits, big asses, and girls who squirt - I tell him that's hot - YECH! He also says he's made some homemade porn with a couple of girls - probably to look at himself fucking and getting sucked off. One time he admits that he let a girl rim him, just once he says. And, he says the girls love when he slaps their butts and ''chokes'' them while he fucks them. I had to have him define ''choke'', which he said was putting his hands around their neck and just applying ''control'' pressure. He also LOVES to finger fuck a girl's butt. Anyway, I do get to play with him a little under the guise of ''lubing him up''. The second ''lubing'' turns into a handjob and I also play with his balls. By the last time I do it, I'm giving him an extended handjob and squeezing those beautiful balls. Finally, it's time for him to get off and he jacks out a huge load that he saved for two days. It splatters all over his sexy torso right up to his neck! I can't wait to get this dude back and up the ante.

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