Dick Dynasty: Adam
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Blonde... check. Power body... check. Massive thighs... check. 21 years old... bingo! Bells and sirens light up the casino. Adam holds all the cards and he's doubling down to bet on his career in porn. Brendon is more than happy to dangle the carrot but what he wants is the 'stick'! Adam has been in the studio before but we can't get enough of this Caravaggio. Apparently having another guy jerk him off is a turn-on cause Adam shoots himself in the face at the end of this sexy romp. You'll be thinking about this scene for daze...

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Skyman (03/07/22):
Adam is one hot Dude! Great voice too. Nice job.

Mike (02/27/20):
OMG! I need to ride that cock! It's perfect with just the right amount of curve! Fuck me hard with that thang!!!!

Ltbcub (02/13/20):
What can you do to get Adam back? If he was able to become so much hotter looking in a matter of 6 months between his first and second video, I can only imagine how cum driven he is now. We need him back! It so hot the way he squirts. I am so jealous of the girls that get to have him. Can you imagine if he fired off a missile like that in a girls pussy and in doing so it created a like a 6 minute never ending tickle that would make her scream over and over? Please find him and beg him for more!! What a dream!

Jaime (02/13/20):
Good going Brendon! Now we're expecting you to take Adam even farther!!! Hope it's soon too!! :D

Steve (02/13/20):
Hot as the sun....and you did great...you got a good shot of the top of his handsome feet!..Hot!

I never thought I'd get Adam to return. The last time he was here several months ago for "The Masters of Johnson", he freaked when I just lubed his cock (the 'lube test'). Now he calls me and says he's in really, really, great shape (like he wasn't before?) and needs to make some big money in porn. I told him that he never got back to me, so we weren't able to complete the next stage of his audition. Now as straight as Adam is, and believe me his Masters & Johnson meter is pointing about as far to straight as it can, he is what I categorize as a 'pleaser' and I love to work with this type of straight guy. Guys in this category are usually really sincere about doing porn (with girls) and will do just about anything to please me in order to be on my good side and get preferred treatment. Well, you guys know me by now and the only preferred treatment I like is sucking the dude or getting fucked by the dude or watching him fuck around with another boy. Anyway, he agrees to come back in and this time I tell him he's going to have to show me that he can get wild, I tell him this so that he mentally prepares himself to just go for it. I tell him he has to play with his body and stick a finger in his asshole while he jacks. He actually does a bit of it and it's very hot, but you can see that even when I tell him to spread his legs and lift one leg, he only presses and rubs his finger against is hot virgin hole, but it never really goes inside (I still would've liked to lick that finger :-). With a straight stud like Adam doing even that much, it was a total turn on for me. Just check out his face, his hair, eyes and body, from his arms and chest to that perfect bubble butt and big thighs, gorgeous big cock and even his feet, it just doesn't get much better! And, when he lets me jack him off and even gets verbal at the end, I thought I was going to pass out from the sexual tension building up in me. Of course I quickly collected some of his hot, sweet cum on paper towel for a JO session while I watched a playback of the video almost the second he left. Oh Brendon - is there no end to your perversion? LOL.

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