Dick Dynasty: Mike
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Making a return visit after impressing Brendon with a monstrous cum shot in the 'Cocks and Robbers' series, Mike is ready for more. He was warned that he wouldn't get away quite so easily this time. No hand jobs! Put up or shut up. Mike puts up one big, gnarly dick and Brendon swoops down on it like a drone attack. Suck that motha fucker. Since Mike is 6 foot 4, you can imagine what kind of challenge this was for Brendon. One he meats head on!

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MtShasta43 (01/29/23):
Damn bring this guy back and let’s take his shirt off next time!

Mitch22 (02/27/20):
I would let him spew his load into my ass any damn time!!! That dick is fucking amazing!

Leo (02/13/20):
Damn! I'd guzzle that load any day!

moises45 (02/06/20):
Honestly, I joined this site to watch Mike' video .....WoW....Mike is really amazing...the hottie's one And, of course I want to see him again in new adventures.

James (02/06/20):
Fuck'n Colossal Sexy Beast!!!! WTF WoW YuM OoH YeS MIKE MIKE MIKE!!! Left Mind-Blown!!!

Hard4Holes (02/06/20):
Such a hot dude. Next time lets see that hole eaten deep!

Mr. Dick Print (02/06/20):
One Word (for Mike): Splooge! That's what I did when Mike grabbed on to Mr. Marley's arm as the former was cumming. I liked the way MIke's body writhed in Ecstasy! Mike's GOT the Legs & Thighs of Power! WHOA . . . I'm gettin' a BONER now as I write this.

Jaime (02/06/20):
he's a stud and a star! Hope to see more of him really really soon!

I just can't resist big, tall, masculine straight guys who are a little rough around the edges. Mike is 6'4" tall with a massive body and a matching dick. He's a farm boy, a redneck and not too pretty, but he is one sexy, erotic fucker and has had a multitude of sexual experiences that he loves to tell me about. I spent about an hour talking to him on the phone this last time and I think he knew I was jacking off while listening to his stories - how pervy is that???. Last time I did a video with Mike he would only let me jack his cock. This time when he called and told me he needed some quick cash, I told him fine but he's going to have to let me suck his cock which he was very antsy about last time. But, it's always easier the second time around since they already know me and what the deal is by then. So, this time I sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow and ate his spooge, at least anything that didn't get absorbed into his shirt - yeah, we made a real mess of that. If you remember from his prior visit, I jacked him a second time in the 'Outtakes', but he couldn't cum (I think he could, but he just didn't want to give in to me). So, this time I told him I'd suck him off a second time and I'd pay him more, but he had to cum. I put my arm around him and made love to his chest with my hand. Listen to him the second I start to squeeze his right nipple hard, he let's out a moan and tells me he's gonna be able to cum soon - and within less than a minute he blows another load and he was loud about it too - which really turns me on. I'm sure he'll back. I'd love to have him shove that huge dick of his bare up one of my young dude's hot butts while he pounds away like he says he likes to fuck pussy - hard and rough!

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