Discharged: Ashton
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Hold your breath! When you see Ashton's azure blue eyes you'll want to dive right in. Coming face to face with this gorgeous stud is a little like jumping from the high diving board. If you can't swim maybe he'll paddle out and save you. Brendon gets lost in his dazzling smile and has the time of his life trying to find his way out. That big cock he's sporting is made for sucking on. His moans and groans are fuel to the fire. This scene is a stocking 'stuffer' just for you. Enjoy!!

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plasticpantscumlover (04/08/18):
I've been watching you and your site for a while now. Ashton is one of the HOTTEST guys, I've seen. He has a gorgeous cock, and those BLUE eyes are to die for. He also seem like a genuinely nice person! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!

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