Discharged: Maury
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Brown biker arms and mutton chops give Maury a rough appearance, but his smooth white ass might lead you to believe a different story. He leans back and strokes his rock hard dick while he watches Brendon`s porn and then fingers his hole. So what gives? Brendon is intrigued by this stud and enjoys giving direction but he`s not making any moves to suck him off. The vibe isn`t welcoming. Maury works himself over til he spooges on his thigh. Lucky thigh!

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alex (02/16/18):
Ooo does this guy have his own webcam site? I'd pay to see him running around naked all day. ThaT beautiful pink pucker hole needs my tongue teasing it oh so lovingly!! Maury Maury MAURY!! You turn me ON!!

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